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   Chapter 1086 Big World And Small World

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"A demon imperator, so you really are a demon imperator.

Well, I see. At first, I wondered that how a human cultivator who's merely at the stage of the Astral Realm could have such strong power.

It turns out that your are a demon imperator!"

The demon lord was suddenly enlightened as he assumed that Austin was indeed a demon imperator.


Austin put on an act and snorted.

"Your Majesty, please calm yourself!

I ask for your forgiveness!

I was only rude because I used to believe you were nothing more than a puny human."

The demon lord remembered that he was trying to meld into the body of the demon imperator.

In the demon race, they attached great importance to their hierarchy. Naturally, the more powerful demon could kill the weaker ones without needing a reason to do so.

Not to mention that this demon lord had badly offended the demon imperator in front of him.

Therefore, the demon lord displayed a frightened look on his face.

He knew that once the demon imperator standing in front of him decides to kill him, every bit of his soul would vanish.

"Humph, since you didn't know who I truly am, I could forgive you this one time.

The next time you offend me, I won't spare your life anymore,"

Austin's spiritual soul said in a cold voice.

"Thank you for your kindness, Your Majesty!"

The demon lord was truly overjoyed. Though he had lost his body, as long as he still had his demonic spiritual soul, he could always find another body for cultivation.

At least he was able to keep his life.

By that time, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot had already arrived at the gates of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Austin got off the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and put it away, he then activated the bodily movement skill and went straight into his secret chamber.

Meanwhile, he transported the Sect Supremo out of the City.

The Sect Supremo was badly wounded in their fight against a demon lord.

Austin took out some of his precious healing elixirs from the Space Ring and gave it to the Sect Supremo to help him mend his wounds.

Austin also reminded him not to disturb him if it was not anything important.

Austin then communicated with the demon lord as the demon imperator in his secret chamber.

"Tell me about the current situation in the Demon Abyss World."

In his Soul Sea, Austin's spiritual soul said to the demon lord.

"Your Ma

the Demon Abyss World was a big world.

The demon race of the Demon Abyss World invaded the Prime Martial World just because they were so powerful that they were used to invading other small worlds to plunder their resources and enslave their people.

Austin now had a general understanding of all the things that had happened so far.

"My demonic spiritual soul was badly damaged and I have been sleeping for countless years. I have also forgotten a lot about the demonic skill of our demon race.

The Ten-avatar Skill you mentioned before, what kind of demonic skill is it? Tell me more about it."

Austin was mostly interested in learning about the demonic skill of the demon race.

"Your Majesty, it seems like you weren't overstating when you said your demonic spiritual soul was damaged badly.

You cannot even remember the demonic skill unique to us.

The demonic skill of our demon race is quite similar to the martial arts skill of the human cultivators.

We usually cultivate one or more demonic skills.

Your Majesty, with your great power, you could naturally cultivate high-grade demonic skills without a problem.

The Ten-avatar Skill I activated was just a low-grade demonic skill and I doubt that you would be interested in it,"

the demon lord said.


The demonic skill can also be acquired through cultivation?'

Austin thought to himself.

"Your Ten-avatar Skill sounds good. I wanna hear more about it,"

Austin said.

"Your Majesty? !"

The demon lord was dumbfounded by Austin's curiosity.

The Ten-avatar Skill was one of his strongest skills.

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