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   Chapter 1085 Body Invading Skill

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And with that, Austin made the conclusion that the demon lords were his strongest, most formidable opponents in the war.

Without them, Austin would have easily killed all the warriors in the Tribulation Realm of the Heaven Palace.

Indeed, a demon would be much stronger than a human warrior even when they were in the same level as each other.

As all the demon lords had incredibly strong demonic skills, it was very difficult to resist any of their attacks.


As soon as Austin and the gnome appeared, a stream of evil aura rushed towards Austin at a high speed. The power that it was packing was so immense that Austin found it hard to dodge.

'What the hell!' he thought, shocked by what was happening.

His heart uncharacteristically skipped a beat. He immediately knew that he was facing a demon lord.

Without wasting any more time, he began waving the Slaughtering Sword in his hand to launch a blood-red sword aura attack.

However, the evil aura suddenly changed its form.

From being a single, powerful evil aura, it divided itself into ten smaller evil auras in order to dodge Austin's attack. After that, the ten evil auras accelerated once again to attack Austin in ten different directions.


Surprise! Meet my Ten-avatar Skill!"

The ten evil auras turned into ten demon lords who were all laughing at the same time. They looked the same as each other.


Austin thought, stunned. Once again, he and the gnome were in a great state of shock.

It quickly became obvious that this so-called Ten-avatar Skill was a demonic skill.

Austin used his spiritual sense to hopefully gather more information about their attacker, but he was unable to distinguish the foe.

The ten demon lords upped their speed even more, and were coming directly to Austin.


"Damn it!"

Austin shouted angrily as ten demon lords were rushing to him quickly.

He was starting to feel trapped in the situation that he had been in just now, so he quickly thought of ways to flee. Otherwise, he would be attacked by ten demon lords at the same time.

At once, he moved using his Thunderbolt Movement Skill. In a blink of an eye, he had already ran a thousand meters.


Do you really think you would be able to escape me that easily? Fool!"

And with that, the ten demon lords had already caught up with Austin, all grinning wide.

Shivers ran down Austin's spine.

The bodily movement skill of this demon lord was evidently much stronger than his!

'Damn, it's even faster than my Thunderbolt Movement Skill!' he thought, as cold sweat broke out on his forehea

After all, it was his Soul Sea where they were. He must be extremely careful.

"Your spiritual sense... It is so strong!"

the demon lord exclaimed, stunned by what he was seeing. He was finally understanding that Austin's spiritual sense was a great deal stronger than his.

"My... my body's energy has been completely absorbed by the skeleton of a demon imperator. I have cultivated that for a few hundred years. But it is destroyed like this today!

Tell me! Who are you?

Why do you have a skeleton of a demon imperator in your body? Why is your spiritual soul full of dense evil aura?

You... You... Are you a demon imperator who has invaded this human's body?"

With his body destroyed, the demon lord was trapped in Austin's Soul Sea.

With this realization, he began to shake in fear, as he looked at Austin's body and his powerful spiritual tree.

It was normal for a demon to invade a human's body.

They had the ability to give up their physical bodies and inhabit another one.

They weren't permanently tied to a body, unlike other races.


This demon lord really thinks that I am a demon imperator?' Austin thought and highly amused.

Yes, his body was invaded on the Barren Mountain, but he never thought that the skeleton of a demon imperator was still staying inside him. 'Is that why I sometimes get a sense of the demon race?' he thought.

With that, he took a deep breath and said in a loud, authoritative voice, "Now that you know that I am a demon imperator, you must also know that you must pay for offending me!"

Now that this demon lord believed that he was a demon imperator, he was going to pretend to be one. He wanted to play with this demon lord to get some useful information from him.

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