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   Chapter 1084 Soul-attacking Magic Bell

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This bronze bell was also one of the four archaic weapons Austin acquired from the ancient master's mansion.

Apart from the Slaughtering Sword and the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, he had also refined the rest of the two archaic weapons including the bronze bell.

But he was yet to have the chance to use the two magic weapons.

Austin had recently learned that the bell was called the Soul-attacking Magic Bell after he was done refining it.

He infused his vital energy into the bell.

A few moments later, he banged it hard.


The Soul-attacking Magic Bell emitted a series of visible audio waves.

As the bell rang out louder, the sound waves it created also moved faster.

In an instant, the sound waves began to spread out in all directions.

They were able to shatter the sound wave that the demon lord had released in one go.

Everyone present was deafened by the loud ringing in their ears.

They all felt their heads spin. It turned out the Soul-attacking Magic Bell could inflict harm to one's spiritual soul directly.

The relatively weaker cultivators from the Heaven Palace and the demons started covering their ears as they cried in pain.


Soon enough, blood began to flow out of every hole in their bodies.

Even the six masters at the Tribulation Realm of the Heaven Palace and the ten demon lords couldn't escape the dizziness.

"This Soul-attacking Magic Bell is truly amazing!" Austin remarked in a low voice.

It was the first time he had the chance to use it, and the result brought him much delight and surprise.

It was evident that the Soul-attacking Magic Bell was more powerful than the Slaughtering Sword.

Austin kept hitting the bell with his left hand. "Clang! Clang! Clang!"

More and more sound waves began to spread.

All the cultivators and demons around Austin had been affected by the power of the Soul-attacking Magic Bell.

"Help us, please..."

"Oh, no..."

After a while, some relatively weaker cultivators and demons couldn't withstand it any longer.

They all fell to the ground one by one as their mouths frothed. The next minute, they were no longer breathing.

By the time Austin had hit the bell a doze

on Realm cultivators.

"This human not only has powerful magic weapons but he also has the Unearthly Fire. Don't let him get away,"

a demon lord snarled.

Obviously the archaic weapons Austin had used ended up drawing the attention of the demon lords. They wanted to take these powerful weapons away from him and keep them as their own.

"Brat, I guess you're beginning to learn the risks of being too fearless. You shouldn't have broken into this place without thinking,"

the gnome lectured, as he emerged from the City.

He then quickly activated his teleportation ability to take Austin to the teleportation passage.

The two of them disappeared in an instant.

"W-where is he?"

"Where could he possibly go?"

The Tribulation Realm masters and the ten demon lords roared.

"Seems like he left the area by traveling through space. How could it be possible? I don't think normal people in the Prime Martial World should be able to do that,"

one of the demon lords speculated with furrowed eyebrows.

A couple of seconds later, another demon lord broke their silence.

"He is somewhere in the eastern area, about a thousand meters away from the Glint City," he said loudly.

He then turned into a light and vanished.

The rest unleashed their spiritual sense to check on what he had said.

They were all able to confirm the demon lord's statement.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

They all transformed themselves into light and flew east.

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