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   Chapter 1082 Don't Play With Fire! (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-10-21 16:21

Within a short time, Austin had got rid of two cultivators who were at the Tribulation Realm. Both of them were very strong, but Austin was able to kill them one by one without much difficulty.

This served as a dangerous warning to the rest of the cultivators at the Tribulation Realm. Now even those demon lords knew that the young man in front of them was not another young cultivator who boasted about his powers. He might claim or seem to be at the medium stage of Astral Realm, but there was every reason to accept the fact that he was more than what he seemed.

"You will pay for this with your life!"

one of the demon lords yelled in a ear-piercing voice. As soon as he spoke those words, his huge and mountain-like body suddenly changed to a cloud of thick fog. It was eerie like a bottle of ink, poisoning the water. It was the evil aura. Soon, the evil aura grew and gathered together. It formed a dark cloud that rushed over to Austin.

Austin was a bit stunned by the spooky sight.

But he came back to his senses quickly and unleashed his spiritual sense to analyze the situation. Then Austin changed color--the demon lord's body was nowhere to be found. Even with his powerful spiritual sense, Austin couldn't detect him. That meant he was unable to attack the true entity and destroy it!

But there was no time for him to consider other options. The evil aura was coming at him at lightning speed. By the light of nature, Austin predicted the movement and swung his sword.

Instantly, three blood-red sword auras were released from the edge of the sword, and all of them hit the heart of the evil aura.

The evil aura shattered into several pieces at once. But the next instant, they gathered together again, like they had never been broken at all. From within the center of the evil aura, the demon lord's thunderous laughter could be heard and it kept resonating.

are of the long-awaited feast--human flesh!

In the middle of the white fire, Austin felt incredibly cold rather than hot. It was like he was stuck in permanent winter, so bleak and cold--a place where the sun would never shine.

To make matters worse, the Spectral Demon Fire was not only attacking his body, but also his Soul Sea! When it touched him, it intruded his Soul Sea and wanted to mess it all up.

Austin regretted not being careful enough and falling into this swamp of evil aura. He had never imagined that he would get into a passive position like this while facing the demon lord. As he tried to think about the whole matter, he realized that the thing he was dealing with was some kind of demonic skill.

It was often said that many strong demons of the demon race could develop their own unique demonic skills, each one being more strange and evil than the other.

Austin was sure that the evil aura cage and the white fire in it had to be the demon lord's unique skill. It did look strong, and had let the demon lord get the upper hand for the moment, but something brought a smile on Austin's face, while he was trying to protect himself.

"You fool! You should never play with fire, you know, especially not with me," he murmured.

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