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   Chapter 1081 A Siege

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"Let's go out and have a look,"

Austin suggested. His vital energy force blasted a giant hole in the ceiling as he soared upward.

Austin, the gnome, and the Sect Supremo passed through the hole. Once outside the hall, they floated in the air and observed their surroundings.

It seemed that a multitude of warriors and fighters had besieged the hall.

Some of them were human warriors, while others belonged to the demon race.

Austin quickly studied the warriors and found that eight were at the Tribulation Realm, and ten were demon lords. Of all the fighters, these eighteen warriors and demon lords were the highest level.

The eighteen figures surrounded Austin, the gnome, and the Sect Supremo to prevent them from escaping.

Waves of strong vital energy force and overwhelming evil aura targeted Austin and his companions.

"Ha-ha! Interesting. I don't believe that a medium stage Tribulation Realm warrior, a medium stage Astral Realm fighter, and a Transformation Realm beast dared to enter the Glint City.

You're so bold.

Now, tell me. Why have you come here?"

A warrior at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm from the Heaven Palace smirked. Now, Austin and his companions were being threatened by eighteen excellent warriors.

There was no way that they could escape.

Aware that Austin and his companions were outnumbered, the ten demon lords and the eight Tribulation Realm warriors from the Heaven Palace took pleasure in Austin's situation.

They enjoyed this cat-and-mouse game.

"We're here to remove the demons and defend the people,"

Austin replied. The expression on his face conveyed the disgust he felt.

"Who are you? Are you sure that three inferior warriors can do that?"

The warrior at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm stared at Austin scornfully and coldly.

"Yes, we are more than enough,"

Austin answered nonchalantly.

"You're delusional. We don't have time to waste on you. Time to die!"

the demon lord responded. In a flash, his body transformed into a dark cloud and rushed toward Austin.

"Master, please allow me to deal with this monster from the demon race,"

the Sect Supremo asked. He had never fought with a demon lord before, and he wanted to try it. Before Austin could speak, the Sect Supreme had already moved his body to confront the demon lord.

"Be careful!"

Austin hurried to warn him.

Austin was familiar with the formidable strength of the demon race. A demon lord would be a better killer and fighter than any human warrior at the same level as the

e wielding his Slaughtering Sword to resist attacks from all directions, Austin pointed a finger at that warrior at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm.

The warrior looked up and saw that a giant finger shadow posed to attack him.

He was surprised and scared.

He hurried to cast a spell. Instantly, a giant palm made of vital energy materialized, trying to block the finger shadow's attack.

At that very moment, something unusual happened.

The warrior saw that the giant finger shadow was still several meters away from his head.

He thought that he still had time to block the finger shadow with his palm made of vital energy.

However, before his vital energy palm could materialize, and before the giant finger shadow could touch his skull, his head exploded.

This was the magic power of the Timing Finger!

It gave the illusion that the attack was still far away and that the opponent still had time to organize a defense. It gave the opponent a false hope that he could survive the attack.

However, the warrior was wrong. He had misjudged everything.

"We will not underestimate this weirdo again.

Let's attack him together. He won't be able to defend against our combined attacks!" A frightened voice was heard.

Within just a few heartbeats, Austin had killed two Tribulation Realm warriors. The other warriors, including the demon lords, were now aware that Austin had mastered power stronger than that of a cultivator at the medium stage of Astral Realm.

"Go to hell!"

a demon lord roared. His body suddenly disappeared. Intense evil aura appeared and flew toward Austin.

Austin was stunned.

Even his spiritual sense failed to locate the demon lord's body.

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