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   Chapter 1080 Power Of Two Smart Skills

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Dahlia's hug made Austin feel flustered.

"I've never been slapped before.

Take revenge for me and kill that dwarf.

Plus you must save my father,"

said Dahlia, still hugging Austin. She seemed to have found somebody to depend on.


Save your father?

What happened?"

Austin asked, suddenly confused and worried.

"My father is in danger.

Please save his life,"

Dahlia softly cried.

"Alright then, we'll talk about those things later.

For now, I think you should put on some decent clothes before anything else,"

Austin bashfully said. He did not think it was a good idea to talk about anything in detail under such a circumstance.

Austin bobbed his head towards Dahlia's body while trying to avert his gaze away from her, hoping that she would get the hint and behave herself.

Dahlia let out a high-pitched scream, once she realized that she was standing half-naked before a man.

"Ah! You lecher! You took advantage of me again!"

said Dahlia, blushing furiously. She hurriedly took out a spare suit and put it on while she glowered at Austin.

Austin just gave her an innocent smile in return. Dahlia hugged him first, not the other way around.

"Who are you?

The Heaven Palace and the demon race own this place. You come here and you'll die here,"

the dwarf weakly quipped. He had tried everything, but still failed to extinguish the white flame in his Soul Sea. His face had become dreadfully pale.

The dangers caused by the white flame had been extreme.

"Who I am is none of your business.

You are the people who dared to collude with the demon race, attack the Prime Martial World, and slaughter human beings. People have the right to kill you.

I'm here to avenge the lives of those innocent people slaughtered by you and bring them justice,"

Austin firmly answered, eyes cold.


Austin uttered the single word as his cold eyes stared at the dwarf.

The white flame inside the dwarf's Soul Sea began to burn more violently, turning into a blazing fireball within a few seconds.

In a last-ditch effort, the dwarf gathered his spiritual sense around the fireba

lling on the ground.

Austin was delighted. He had never expected the combination of the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill and the Timing Finger would be able to successfully kill a warrior at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm that easily.

Its power was more than what he had expected.

"Good kid!"

the gnome exclaimed, smiling proudly.

Austin's strength was improving at an extremely fast pace. Although the gnome himself was an ancient beast and had lived for such a long period of time, he was much weaker than Austin was.

The Sect Supremo was stunned to witness Austin easily killing two Tribulation Realm warriors. He stared at Austin as if he were a formidable monster.

In that moment, he finally understood why Austin dared to enter the Glint City without any worries:

he was capable of killing Tribulation Realm warriors as easily as wiping out ants.

The Sect Supremo breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that he was lucky to serve Austin. This might be a huge opportunity for him.

Austin was so young but had already amassed such a formidable strength.

He would grow up to become a great warrior, and by then, all the people in his service would be honored to be able to serve him.

"How dare you kill my people!"

a furious booming voice cried out. It seemed to come from all directions outside the hall.


Peals of ferocious and frightening laughter also erupted from outside.

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