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   Chapter 1079 Here You Are

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'I can understand why the demon race wants to slaughter human cultivators. After all, they are an alien race.

But the leader of the Heaven Palace is a human. Why did he conspire with the demon race to massacre all the residents?

I just don't get it, ' Austin thought.

He never was a very good person.

Especially when dealing with his enemies, he wasn't this diplomatic guy you'd expect to show some mercy.

But he couldn't have the heart to lay a hand on innocent or unarmed people.

The misdeeds of the Heaven Palace pissed off Austin. Now he really abhorred this sect.

"Hey, take me to the stronghold of the Heaven Palace and the demon race in the Glint City.

I will teach them a lesson,"

he called out to the gnome.

The next minute, the gnome appeared next to him.

Knowing that Austin had made up his mind, the gnome didn't say a word. Instead, he summoned his teleportation powers and led Austin and the Sect Supremo into the teleportation passage.

It was the first time the Sect Supremo had traveled through space. Letting the curiosity get the better of him, he excitedly looked around, all the while marveling at the gnome's powers.

In a split second, the space above the center of the Daylight City shook so slightly that no one even noticed.

The three of them—

Austin, the gnome and the Sect Supremo emerged from the crack of the space.

Austin turned to his spiritual sense to scan the city below.

A dense evil aura hovered over the heart of the Glint City. 'There must be so many demons in this city, ' he thought.

Soon enough he tracked down the ten Tribulation Realm masters and ten demon lords.

He had once met demon lords in the Barren Mountain, so he could easily distinguish them from other demons.

"That's it.

I'm going to stir up trouble here," Austin said.

A mischievous smile appeared on his face.

He had resolved to wipe out the Heaven Palace and the demon race.

But something stopped him in his tracks.

While scanning the area, he had spotted Dahlia and Faye using his spiritual sense.

From what he saw, he knew wit

rything to ashes.

At the medium stage of Tribulation Realm, the short man had powerful spiritual sense.

However, when he tried every kind of martial skill to charm his spiritual powers, he still failed to put out the fire.

"Who are you? Get out!" he shouted, now, his tone more cautious than arrogant like it had been a moment ago.

It suddenly dawned on him that someone might have hidden nearby and released the white flame to attack his spiritual soul.

"It's me."

Three people emerged into the lobby.

They were Austin, the gnome and the Sect Supremo.

The gnome had once again exerted the Space Teleportation to take Austin and the Sect Supremo to the entrance of the lobby.

Before Austin stepped into the lobby, he used the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill to attack the short man.

"Miss, it's Austin!"

"Here you are, lecher!"

The two maidens—Dahlia and Faye

were overjoyed when Austin and his team burst into the lobby.

Austin winked at the Sect Supremo, and the latter immediately understood what he should do. Calmly, he reached the two girls and untied them.


Dahlia cursed her captor as she ran to Austin who had come to her rescue at the most unexpected time.

Under Austin's shocked gaze, she hugged him sobbing, overwhelmed with relief.

From the way her arms trembled, Austin could feel her tension and trauma she had gone through.

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