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   Chapter 1078 First Try Of The Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill

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"You better check yourself now, brother!"

A subtle smile crept on the corner of Austin's lips.

In an instant, Austin summoned the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill, a spiritual sense martial arts skill that he recently mastered.

It was a chance for him to work it out and witness its power for the first time. How could he let such a perfect opportunity slide away from him?

Soon, a little white flame appeared and flickered in the Soul Sea of the man in indigo.

"W-what? What is this thing?!"

the man cried out in fear. Meanwhile, his heart was overshadowed by an uneasy sense of foreboding.

But there wasn't enough time for him to figure out what the flame was.


Austin said airily.

The next second, the little white flame in the man's Soul Sea began to burn and turned into a giant fire ball.

When the man saw the huge flames, he was so startled that his face turned pale.

What petrified him more was when he realized that the thing fueling the fire ball was his own spiritual sense.

He discovered that the powerful force coming from the white fire ball kept absorbing the spiritual sense in his Soul Sea.

The fire ball was gaining its strength from his own spiritual sense.

"No, this cannot be!"

The man was drawing in infinite desperation the moment he witnessed that his spiritual sense was being consumed by the fire ball. The speed of the depletion of his spiritual sense was also the remaining time he had left before facing death. In about a minute, he would be dead as the last stream of his spiritual sense vanished. He could never let such a thing happen to him without a fight.

Despite being seized with terror, the man began to activate all the spiritual sense martial arts skills he had learned to fight the growing fire ball.

But everything he tried was all in vain. The fire ball kept absorbing his spiritual sense and grew bigger and bigger until it was too late to be stopped.

An anguished shriek echoed in the air.

The man in indigo then knelt down on the ground with his hands wrapped around his head.

After a moment, the fire ball completely burned out all of his spiritual sense and spiritual soul. Everything in his Soul Sea had disappeared into nothing.

He kept yelling in pain before he faced his tragic death. His body then turned into ashes and was blown away by the wind.

However, Austin just stood aside

ave the Heaven Palace.

But, but we couldn't find the perfect timing to do so, and the demons are just too powerful. Please! Please believe me, sir! I'm telling the truth,"

said one of them.

"Is that so? Well then, give me your spiritual orbs and be my servants. If you accept that, I will spare your lives,"

Austin said coldly.

Both of them nodded at once. How could they refuse Austin's proposal when they were both at the brink of death?

They followed what Austin asked them to do at once. They took out their spiritual orbs and handed them over to him which meant that he had now become their new master.

Then Austin took off with his new servants to head for the Glint City.

The Glint City was relatively closer to the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

After flying in the air for about six hours, they began to see the Glint City from where they were.

Austin transported his two servants into the City model, the magic treasure, he was carrying.

He then kept flying towards the Glint City with the Sect Supremo.

After a while, they were only about two thousand meters away from the Glint City.

Austin floated in the air as he observed the situation inside the Glint City.

He activated his spiritual sense to find where the Heaven Palace's members and the demon race were in the Glint City.

Austin also saw a bloody image through his spiritual sense. Blood was all over the entire city. The broken pieces of houses were the proof that violence had visited.

The smell of blood pervaded the air.

Obviously, many people died in the Glint City in the past few days.

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