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   Chapter 1076 Timing Finger

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Before Austin began cultivating the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill, he placed tens of thousands of divine vital energy crystals around him. The spiritual tree flew out of Austin's Soul Sea and absorbed the essence of the divine vital energy crystals.

Then he waited as the spiritual tree continually turned the essence into spiritual sense.

Since cultivating the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill required an intensive amount of the spiritual sense, Austin needed to prepare well for it.

Then Austin started to cultivate the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill.

The core cultivation of the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill was to refine a small fire out of one's spiritual sense.

This was the most challenging part in the cultivation of the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill.

Austin immersed his mind in his Soul Sea.

Then he started to extract his spiritual sense to refine the spiritual sense fire according to the method recorded in the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill.

Austin knew that he had to be very patient if he wanted to succeed.

The process was lengthy and included several phases. The first step was to compress the spiritual sense to its maximum limit.

After he successfully compressed the spiritual sense to its limit, he could refine a small spiritual sense fire in a special way.

Two hours passed.

Four hours passed.

Six hours passed.

Despite the time, Austin continued as he knew that it always took a long time to cultivate.

In the secret chamber, Austin sat cross-legged. He remained very still as he dedicated all his energy to the cultivation.

One day passed.

Two days passed.

Three days passed.

Finally, on the fourth day, Austin opened his eyes. A small grin slowly spread across his lips.

After three days of continuous cultivation, Austin had finally refined a white spiritual sense fire in his Soul Sea.

This fire was so small that it looked like a peanut.

"Is this the spiritual sense fire?"

Austin looked at the small white fire in his Soul Sea with curiosity.

According to the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill, this spiritual sense fire, which used the spiritual sense as fuel, could incinerate a person's spiritual sense.

"Could something so tiny be that powerful?"



A few seconds after the blast, dozens of figures hovered above the jungle.

"Did anyone see what happened?

What's going on here?"

the Sect Supremo, who had led the other masters to this spot, asked.

They all shook their heads.

"What a strong explosion of the vital energy force! Someone has ruined this jungle in one move,"

the Sect Supremo frowned and said.

The others were all shocked by the sect Supremo's observation.

They knew that only a truly powerful master could ruin a jungle with just one move.

And they wondered whether such a powerful person had snuck into the Heaven Pavilion Sect's headquarters.

Austin had sensed what had happened outside his secret chamber.

And he couldn't help smiling.

He did not expect that the Timing Finger he cultivated would make such a fierce explosion and draw so many people's attention.

Because of the rules of the time and space, this Timing Finger had two interesting features.

The first one was that it could travel through space—the Timing Finger could pass through any obstacles that stood between it and its target.

It was a magical long-distanced attack.

The second interesting feature was that the Timing Finger could make a time lag so that the enemy would be unable to make a timely escape.

By the time the enemy saw the Timing Finger flying toward him, it would be too late.

A time lag would be created once the Timing Finger had been activated. Thus, the enemy would see a scene only after it had happened.

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