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   Chapter 1075 The Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill

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Austin was now in his secret chamber.

First, he spent quite a long time counting and sorting the rich trophies that he got from the Barren Mountain earlier.

Without question, the biggest harvest he got from that trip was the treasures that he got from the Oracle Sect's treasury. As a matter of fact, he got so many treasures that dozens of his Space Rings were completely filled up.

In addition to the treasures from the Oracle Sect, Austin also garnered several elixirs, vital energy crystals, and various kinds of precious natural resources from that trip.

After getting a rough estimate of the number of things he got from his trip, Austin was quite impressed.

After all, the gnome served as their guide during the treasure hunting trip, and since he was a keen and talented scout, they were able to find almost all of the precious treasures.

After their trip, it took Austin a whole day to sort out all of the treasures and wealth that he had now owned.

As he was counting, even Austin was astounded by how wealthy he had become.

In fact, based on his estimate, his current wealth was now equal to that of any big sect in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World.

After sorting all of his treasures out, Austin grouped them into different categories and put each category in a Space Ring of its own. Once he had done that, he put the Space Rings away.

Finally, after a tedious day of sorting and counting, only one Space Ring was left in front of Austin.

This particular Ring was a special one. Back when he was still in the ruins of the Oracle Sect, Austin risked his life and snatched it from the finger of the leader of the Oracle Sect in a square.

"Since this was the Space Ring of a sect leader, I'm pretty sure that this would contain lots of valuable treasures inside," Austin muttered to himself.

With high expectations about what was inside it, Austin picked up the Space Ring that was originally owned by the leader of the Oracle Sect.

Then, he hastily used his spiritual sense to find out exactly what treasures were hidden inside it.

Despite being mentally prepared for what the Ring could contain, Austin was still shocked once he saw what was inside.

The number of treasures it contained was so much more than he had expected! For one, there were tens of millions of vital energy crystals in it.

More than that, there was also a great variety of higher grade elixirs, pills, natural resources, and treasures that full of spiritual energy that Austin had never even seen or heard of before.

Austin's hunch was right—the collection of treasures that the sect leader had was indeed extraordinary.

In general, almost all of the collections in that Space Ring were high-grade treasures.

Austin even spotted a large number of eighth or ninth grade pills.

After scouring the Space Ring for a while longer, he found a jade slip within it.

The jade slip seemed to record a certain kind of martial art.

At once, Austin did a quick scan of the jade slip using his spiritual sense.

He immediately felt ecstati

began to shine splendidly, and its golden light slowly fell on the vital energy crystals and began to absorb their energy.

In that very moment, vigorous vital energy whistled and hovered inside the entire secret chamber.

Meanwhile, in the center of the chamber, Austin sat quietly like an old respected monk who was lost in his deep meditation.

Austin abandoned all of his thoughts and focused only on his cultivation.

A day or so later, inside the chamber, a deafening booming sound rang out all of a sudden.

It was because an extremely powerful wave of vital energy force violently rushed out from Austin's body.

Obviously, the wave he burst out was as powerful as that of a warrior in the medium stage of Astral Realm!

At once, Austin came back to his senses and opened his eyes, which were now shining with energy.

"Hoo, after a hard day's cultivation, I finally made it. I have now reached the medium stage of Astral Realm," Austin exclaimed loudly in excitement.

But Austin knew that he was not completely done. He still had to strengthen his progress at once. So, after pausing for a while, he spent some more time meditating, cultivating, and replenishing the vital energy he had lost. That way, he was able to completely consolidate his power and ability in the medium stage of Astral Realm.

After that, Austin took out the jade slip that he had put away earlier.

"Now, it is time for me to practice this Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill!"

Austin said with high expectations.

Having a strong spiritual sense was one of Austin's big advantages in trying to master the skill.

And if he could successfully master the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill, then he would be able to improve his actual combat power greatly.

With that in mind, Austin released his spiritual sense and again studied the Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill twice.

After memorizing every step of the skill, he began his formal practice at once. He was well aware that it would be a tricky process, but he had to try his very best.

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