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   Chapter 1074 Deportation

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After the fierce battle, the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect was destroyed beyond recognition, and its grounds were littered with corpses of dead warriors.

The troops of the Black Wind Gang and the Tiger Gang were thoroughly annihilated.

In the whole duration of the battle, there was a group of people who were just looking on passively, unwilling to get involved with the conflict. It appeared that they were indifferent with the sentiments of the two opposing sides.

These men belonged to the forces that joined the Heaven Pavilion Sect only recently.

Those forces were only willing to submit to the Heaven Pavilion Sect in order to ensure a temporary refuge. That meant that they didn't pledge their allegiance to the sect, and that they couldn't care any less about what would happen to it.

With no commitment to the sect, they purposefully stepped back when the war between the Heaven Pavilion Sect and the Black Wind Gang broke out.

The moment the Heaven Pavilion Sect took the upper hand in the war and it became obvious that the Black Wind Gang would lose, some of them started offering their help in order to give the impression that they had participated in the war and assisted their sect to victory.

This scam was easily caught by Austin's observant eyes.

To him, it was starting to feel like allowing them to join the Heaven Pavilion Sect was a grave mistake.

They had brought no good to the Heaven Pavilion Sect ever since they became a part of it. Instead, it could be argued that they had caused more trouble than what they were worth.

The Tiger Gang was a prime example of this. They attempted to take control of the Heaven Pavilion Sect, and even conspired with the Black Wind Gang to be able to do it.

With that, Austin quickly made the decision that a purge should be carried out in the Heaven Pavilion Sect as soon as possible.

Any other forces which joined the Heavenly Pavilion Sect for any other purposes instead of faithfully serving the sect could no longer remain in it.

After a while, the chaos caused by the war had been cleaned up.

Then Austin called a meeting with the seniors of the sect in the council hall.

Even the leaders of the forces that had submitted to the Heaven Pavilion Sect were invited to and were present in the said meeting.

Austin's eyes coldly ran down the crowd.

When the sharp gaze fell upon the leaders of the newly joined forces, they instinctively lowered their heads in fear.

After all, they knew what they did and did not do when the intense battle was raging on.

Most of them didn't aid the sect.

Some of them even took it a bit further -- ever since the Black Wind Gang became stronger, they actually stood with them in secret instead of the troops of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Now that the Black Wind Gang had been wiped out, these leaders begun having serious regrets about the decisions they had made.

Under Austin's intense glare, they slowly came to an understanding as to why Austin had called for this meeting.

From that moment on, they realized that Austin, indeed, was th

, still stayed around.

These gangs were eventually allowed to stay in the sect, as per Austin's instructions and blessing after the Sect Supremo spoke for them.

This was because these gangs had always been on the side of the Heaven Pavilion Sect during the time when it was under the control of the Black Wind Gang.

After the purge, only a few remained inside the sect. These people were the warriors loyal to the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Seeing this, Austin felt incredibly satisfied.

He then left everything else to the Sect Supremo.

He also turned over piles and piles of various resources to him to make sure that he would be able to maintain the regular operation of the sect as well as the disciples' cultivation.

These resources came from the Barren Mountain, especially from the treasury of the Oracle Sect.

Hundreds of years ago, the Oracle Sect was a prosperous sect that enjoyed good reputation.

The said sect, however, quickly declined to what it was now and Austin was able to obtain their rich resources.

Furthermore, Austin promised its sect leader that he would rebuild the Oracle Sect.

As part of that process, he decided to train a number of potential disciples who would be the Oracle Sect's new members to start its reconstruction.

Therefore, he made sure that the Sect Supremo divided the resources equally among the disciples who would be trained.

Also, Austin asked him to keep an eye for all the disciples that have incredible potential and to train them specifically.

After taking care of that, Austin transmitted Fanny, Fanny's grandpa, Emma and Debby from his City model so that they could finally have a bit of rest.

The Four Devil Clowns came along with them.

Now, they were Austin's faithful servants.

Right after that, he ordered the four to aid the Sect Supremo in maintaining order in the sect and to do whatever needed of them.

As for Austin, he announced that he would temporarily retreat from the world in order to improve his cultivation.

Later on, he entered his cultivation chamber.

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