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   Chapter 1073 Disturbance

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The head of the Tiger Gang had stopped screaming as he lied on the ground motionless. Obviously, he was dead and had no life left in him.

The five Tribulation Realm cultivators of the Black Wind Gang were surprised to see such a scene as anger burned in their eyes.

"You are so screwed! Go to hell!"

said one of the five, whose cultivation base was at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm. As soon as he finished his words, he activated his vital energy to form a hand-shaped force targeted at Austin.

He didn't think Austin was a big deal since he was only at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm. After all, he thought an attack from his vital energy would be strong enough to kill Austin, so he didn't intend to exert any martial arts skill.

The gap between the different realms made him confident that he could kill Austin in the blink of an eye without any trouble.

The killing intent was burning inside Austin's chest furiously. When he saw the cultivator throw an attack towards him, he took out his Slaughtering Sword without hesitation.

Bloody murderous intent began to spread in the atmosphere.

Shoop! Shoop!

Austin brandished the Slaughtering Sword

as two huge streams of crimson sword aura instantly flashed towards the Tribulation Realm cultivator.

"Archaic weapon!"

The moment Austin took out the Slaughtering Sword, the five Tribulation Realm cultivators immediately noticed the formidable killing intent surrounding the sword. They were all paled in utter surprise and fear.

They immediately recognized that the sword was an archaic weapon.

Boom! Boom!

The cultivator at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm had tried his best to exert his martial arts skill to fight against the two streams of sword aura, but it was all in vain. There was nothing he could do.

The two streams of sword aura broke all of his attacks and directly hit his body.

In only a split second, the Tribulation Realm cultivator was thrown away and his body crashed on the ground with a bang.

The cultivator who was lying on the ground, vomited a mouthful of blood and gasped for air. Then all of a sudden, he stopped breathing and closed his eyes. Death had surely taken him away before he could recover.


Austin told the members of the Heaven Pavilion Sect and the Wolf Gang who were all standing behind him.

At the same time, he used the Slaughtering Sword to aim the bloody sword aura towards the members of the Black Wind Gang and the Tiger Gang.

The attacks from the Slaughtering Sword were too powerful for the Astral Realm and the Master Realm cultivators to withstand.

They couldn't do anything but run away and scream for their lives.

In a flash, hundreds of the Astral Realm and the Master Realm cultivators had been slashed from the middle.

"Austin! That is definitely Austin!"

Elder Nesbit cried out all of a sudden.

"What?! That is Austin!

I have never expected Austin to hide himself at the headquarters of the Hea

ng but exert his bodily movement skill to retreat at once.

However, no matter how powerful his bodily movement skill was, he could never outrun than the sword aura from Austin's Slaughtering Sword.


The second sword aura slashed his back which then caused his body to explode.

Bits and pieces of his body rained around them.

"Kill them all! None of the Black Wind Gang and the Tiger Gang are allowed to walk out of here today!"

A riot started. The Heaven Pavilion Sect had begun fighting against the members of the Black Wind Gang and the Tiger Gang.

Death happened endlessly during all the chaos.

The whole headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect was immersed in the fight.

Austin was rushing towards the Sect Supremo.

The Sect Supremo was still in a battle against the cultivator at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm. But when the cultivator saw Austin approaching with the Slaughtering Sword, he stopped the fight at once.

After throwing a feint, he tried to run away for his life.

The Sect Supremo immediately saw through his trick and activated his vital energy force to aim attacks towards him as he retreated.

When Austin arrived next to the Sect Supremo, he brandished the Slaughtering Sword and threw the sword aura towards the escaping cultivator.

In a split second, the Tribulation Realm cultivator was killed.

Austin then flashed next to the thunder unicorn as he launched the sword aura once again.

Working with the thunder unicorn, Austin breezily killed the last remaining members of the Black Wind Gang who was at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm in the blink of an eye.

He then took back his Slaughtering Sword and stopped joining any fight. He just stood there with his hands clasped behind his back as he ruthlessly watched the remaining members of the Black Wind Gang and the Tiger Gang perish.

Meanwhile, the Sect Supremo and the thunder unicorn worked together and killed all the remaining members in an instant.

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