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   Chapter 1072 I Will Kill You All

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"Who are you and how dare you to break into the Heaven Pavilion Sect?"

A cultivator at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm flew over and stopped Austin.

"Humph, like the Heaven Pavilion Sect belongs to the Black Wind Gang,"

Austin responded with a cold smile. He then launched several Spiritual Sense Flying Spears directly into the Soul Sea of the Astral Realm cultivator.


the Astral Realm cultivator fell from mid-air down onto the ground heavily. He roared in pain as he held his hands to his head.

He died after several seconds.

When Austin was in the ruins of the Oracle Sect in the Barren Mountain, his spiritual tree refined and absorbed the demonic spiritual soul of Tybalt the demon imperator, so his spiritual sense had a six-fold increase.

Before Austin entered the Barren Mountain, it was already easy for him to take down cultivators at the Astral Realm using only his spiritual sense, and things got much more easier for him now. He was now able to kill a cultivator at the stage of the Astral Realm merely by using one Spiritual Sense Flying Spear.

"How dare you!

Come on!

Kill him!"

The other Astral Realm cultivators all rushed towards him.

Without any fear or hesitation, Austin strode into the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect with his hands on his hips, his clothes swinging around him.

He released several Spiritual Sense Flying Spears one after another, one Spiritual Sense Flying Spear hitting one Astral Realm cultivator each.

As he headed towards the headquarters, those cultivators who tried to stop him all suddenly screamed in pain, holding their hands on their head.

Just like the cultivator that Austin killed before them, they all died within several seconds.

It was a peculiarly frightening scene.

The people present who witnessed the scene felt a chill crawl up their spines.

No one ever saw this middle-aged man move a single finger.

He just walked by, and almost one hundred cultivators of the Master Realm and Astral Realm had died for seemingly no reason.

Naturally, they realized that the man must have launched the attack using his spiritual sense.

However, they sensed that the movement of the vital energy force the man emitted was only at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm.

They all wondere

m met, Austin defeated him using his spiritual sense.

The five Tribulation Realm masters were at the Heaven Pavilion Sect because the leader of the Tiger Gang called upon them in hopes that they would be strong backers.

He expected that the five masters would be able to easily defeat Austin. He would be very glad to see it happen.

"How shameless. After I spared your life.

I didn't expect that you would conspire with the Black Wind Gang.

I must kill you this time!"

Austin said in a cold voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, He sent twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears soaring towards the Soul Sea of the leader of the Tiger Gang, The spears instantly bombarded his spiritual souls.


Elder Nesbit, help me!"

the leader of the Tiger Gang pleaded, frightened to death by his current predicament.

He rolled to the ground with his hands on his head.

"It cannot be possible!

How can this man have such powerful spiritual sense?"

The five masters were also shocked by the situation.

"Stop it!

Take back your attack of the spiritual sense, or we will let you pay for this!"

the Elder Nesbit roared angrily.

Austin laughed wildly. "I will pay for this?

To tell you the truth, I don't intend to let any of the people from the Black Wind Gang and the Tiger Gang leave this place.

I will most certainly kill you all!"

he ferociously declared.

"You are risking your neck!"

"Let's kill this overconfident bastard!"

Hearing Austin's words, the five masters exploded in anger.

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