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   Chapter 1071 Fight Back Against The Black Wind Gang

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"Tell the Sect Supremo to come out. Let him know that Austin is back!"

Austin announced loudly and courageously.

"The Sect Supremo? Austin? No one can enter the Heaven Pavilion Sect without Elder Nesbit's permission.

Have you come here to create a scene?

Get out of here! Or I'll get you into trouble!"

snapped the captain savagely.

"Elder Nesbit?"

Austin was stunned for a second. He instantly understood that something had happened in the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

The Sect Supremo had been in charge of the headquarters, and without Austin's orders he would never have given the power of the Heaven Pavilion Sect to someone else.

Now, out of the blue, there was an elder named Nesbit who he had never heard before in the headquarters. Something must have happened.

Pondering upon it, Austin released his spiritual sense to investigate the situation inside the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

He stood firmly at his place waiting to know what was going on inside. But the captain seemed to get restless. "Well, you've really come to create trouble, haven't you? Come on everyone. We need to teach him a lesson!" shouted the captain.

He began to charge towards Austin first, as he waved at his companions to join him.

The captain was at the premium stage of Master Realm.

It was like the nail in the coffin for Austin. He got in a rage as he had no idea about what was happening. It infuriated him that his place was occupied by others while he was away.

Filled with anger, he released a Spiritual Sense Flying Spear and shot it into the captain's Soul Sea.

"Ahh!" The captain gave out a scream.

Immediately he became aware what was attacking his spiritual soul in the Soul Sea.

A searing pain in his head made him crash to the ground. Holding his head in his hands, he whined and rolled around.

His companions looked at him in shock. A chill rose in their hearts.

Although none of them saw Austin attack their captain, they could easily guess that it was the visitor who was torturing him.

Austin made his enemy who was at the premium stage of Master Realm suffer without even touching him. The other men who guarded the gate were aware of how powerful and unfathomable he was.

They looked at each other, but no one dared to come forward.

"Go and report it!" someone murmured in a low voice.

Immediately three people turned around and began to fly towards the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Austin didn't make any effort to stop them.

Soon, Austin's spiritual sense found the Sect Supremo at the

seemed to have vanished, and he felt exhilarated and rejuvenated with a new energy to fight back.

He had no doubts that they could kill the enemies for he never questioned Austin's strength and abilities.


Outside the gate, about a dozen men who were guarding the gate looked at Austin anxiously and doubtfully.

Their captain had stopped crying and lay motionless on the ground. He was dying.

Now that Austin came to know that these people were intruders from the Black Wind Gang, he certainly wouldn't go easy on them.

"Oh, my God! Captain Li seems to be dead!"

Someone screamed when he found their captain dead.

"How dare you? How dare you kill the member of our Black Wind Gang? Doom on you!"

There was anger in them as they cursed, pointing at Austin.

"Ha! How dare you come to our Heaven Pavilion Sect and run amok? None of you will get out of here alive!" Austin growled, his expression sinister.

Immediately, he released twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears. They rushed towards the guards and were thrust into their Soul Seas.


Wails of anguish broke out and echoed all around. In less than half a minute, all the guards were dead.

"Who did this? How dare you!"

The wails and cries outside the gate had apparently alarmed the people inside the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect. One by one, several figures rushed frantically towards the mountain gate.

Instead of avoiding those people, Austin put his hands behind his back and walked carelessly into the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect. He seemed least bothered about the people who were rushing out, and there was a calmness in his behavior. A calmness that could wreak havoc if perturbed.

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