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   Chapter 1070 Austin, Really

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"You want me to escort you out of this place?

Where are you headed?

Our destination might not be the same,"

Austin asked after a brief pause.

He hesitated because he was desperate to return to the Heaven Pavilion Sect and escorting them out of here would only delay his arrival.

Judging by Austin's recent encounters, he assumed that the demon race had already occupied many territories in the Triangle Zone.

What's worse, the Heaven Pavilion Sect had been feuding with the Heaven Palace from the very beginning. So, Austin was worried that the Heaven Palace would seek revenge by attacking the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Heaven Palace had acquired countless powerful warriors and resources. Even if the Eighteen Arhats Array was activated, the Heaven Pavilion Sect would not be able to resist an invasion by the Heaven Palace, as the demon race supported them.

"Sir, all we want is for you to escort us out of this area as the demon race controls it."

Both Winnie and Isis stared at Austin nervously.

Austin's decision would determine whether they lived or died.

Winnie and Isis did not have the power to escape the demons that were hunting them.

"All right.

I'll help you escape. Stay close to me."

Austin felt compassion for Winnie and Isis when he saw their wounds. The empathy he felt persuaded him to assist them.

Even though they had tried to kill him many times before, Austin decided to save them.

"Okay, let's move!"

Austin did not take out his Dragon and Phoenix Chariot to avoid being identified by Winnie and Isis.

Instead, Austin activated his bodily movement skill and headed for the Heaven Palace.

Winnie and Isis also used their bodily movement skill to keep up with Austin.

On their way, they encountered several demon race squads.

Fortunately, compared with Austin's power, their enemies were weak.

They battled demon soldiers and demon generals in the squads they encountered.

Killing them was a piece of cake for Austin.

Austin also released his spiritual sense to detect traces of the demon race. If he sensed a large number of demon race soldiers, Austin would take a detour.

At last, after three days' traveling, they l

might expose his true identity.

After ten hours in the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, the Heaven Pavilion Sect came into Austin's sight.

Austin released his spiritual sense to assess the situation in the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Everything seemed to be normal inside the Heaven Pavilion Sect. Everyone was doing their own business in an orderly way.

Austin let out a breath of relief.

It seemed that the Heaven Pavilion Sect was safe during his absence.

Austin put away his Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and

activated his bodily movement skill. Now that he felt assured of the sect's safety, Austin could comfortably fly toward the Heaven Pavilion Sect's headquarters.

Just as Austin was about to reach the gate, he heard a shout.

"Who's there?

Nobody is allowed to enter the Heaven Pavilion Sect without permission."

A dozen people stopped Austin in the sky above the gate.

"It's me,"

Austin replied. A sense of foreboding filled Austin when he did not recognize the guards.

Austin knew all the guards of the Heaven Pavilion Sect. But these people were strangers to him.

They did not even seem to be members of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Was it possible that the Sect Supremo had replaced all the guards?

"How dare you?

You are not allowed to trespass in the Heaven Pavilion Sect no matter who you are.

Leave now. Otherwise, I will show no mercy,"

one of the guards warned Austin. He seemed to the leader of the guards.

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