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   Chapter 1069 Please Get Us Out Of This Place

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8063

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Austin was floating above the north of the town.

Meanwhile, Winnie and Isis were also coming to the same area.

"There's someone over there,"

Winnie said in a delighted tone as she sensed the presence of a man with the use of her spiritual sense.

Fleeing from the host of demons that were chasing them, the two of them were getting almost desperate. The sign that there was someone else nearby brought them great relief. Hoping he would come to their rescue, they eagerly dashed towards Austin.

When Austin detected the presence of the two girls flying towards him, he stopped moving and hovered over the place, waiting for them.

A few minutes later, Winnie and Isis spotted a middle-aged man.

Austin had changed his appearance to pass under the disguise of a much older man.

With a little sense of relief, the two girls fixed their gazes on the stranger. Silently, they hoped he was a good person—someone they could trust.

At the same time, Austin too was studying them.

First to catch his attention was Winnie, whose clothes were stained with blood, a deep cut on her right shoulder. His eyes widened as he saw the wound, obviously inflicted by the claws of one of the demons.

The right side of her clothes was a bloody mess, with most of her right arm exposed.

Patches of blood stained her snow-white skin.

And it was no better for Isis; her cloth was ripped apart at the back, exposing scratch marks on her supple, creamy skin.

It was evident the two girls had literally escaped from the claws of death.

"Sir... " Winnie began.

Noticing that the demons were getting closer to them, she got flustered and worried.

However, she could sense an aura of unfathomable vital energy around Austin.

A gut feeling told her the middle-aged man was far more powerful than her.

Even just looking at his face, she felt that he oozed so much confidence that would put her at peace. From the look of things, she knew this stranger could save them.

"Sir, dozens of demons are pursuing us..."

she continued when he didn't answer.

"I see. Come and stand behind me.

I'll handle them,"

Austin said flatly.

'The two girls tried to kill me several times.

But now we're facing the same enemy—the demons. We're at the war with demons. I should let go of grudges from the past, ' he mused.

"Sir, these demons are way too strong. I'll stay here to assist you.

that's why we kept running away.

But this man has made short work of the demons. I couldn't believe it, ' the two girls thought.

Feeling uneasy under their gazes, Austin pretended to cough.

"Girls, I have overthrown your tormentors. Now, you're safe. Bye!" he said.

He put his Lightning Sword aside and turned in an attempt to leave.

Hearing Austin cough drew Winnie back from shock.

"Wait first, sir!" she called out.

"What's up?"

Austin turned around and furrowed his eyebrows. He had no intention of wasting more time on the two girls.

Winnie and Isis felt hurt at the sight of his expression.

Wherever they went, they always had made heads turn and people competed to show them attention.

After all, they were enchanting excellent disciples from the New Moon Sect.

Winnie was one of the Holy Daughters of the sect.

Men of all ages had been nice to them and many even tried to please them to win their affections.

'Today was a bad day. Our master died at the hands of the demon race and we narrowly escaped death.

Now, this man showed disinterest towards us. Did we do anything wrong to him?'

The day's troubles left them so downcast they almost cried at his indifference.


Winnie said, desperately.

"The demons you just destroyed had been on rampage, capturing a vast area, thousands of miles in range.

While they ran riot, they even killed our master.

And now, we're too weak to make it out of this area, just the two of us without someone to help us.

Please get us out of this place, sir. Otherwise we really fear for our lives."

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