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   Chapter 1068 The Demon Race Did All This

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Austin put away the Scorching Evil Fire. He waved to the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire which had been hiding at the corner. It now started to move slowly towards Austin.

Slowly it got closer and once near Austin. It then landed on his palm.

Looking at the black flame giving off a strong chilling aura in his palm, Austin felt extremely pleased.

Austin already owned the Scorching Evil Fire and had used it more than once, so he was quite familiar to the Unearthly Fire.

He tried to connect to the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire with his mind. Instantly the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire which was in his palm slowly moved forward. It reached his arm and got absorbed into Austin's body.

Its glow could be seen through Austin's skin. After a while, the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire disappeared. That meant it had merged with Austin's body successfully.

Now Austin owned two types of Unearthly Fire.

He was aware that he was not yet able to control the Unearthly Fire in a freewheeling way, with his current cultivation base.

The Unearthly Fire's strength was too much for him. If he became careless, it would be easy for him to get hurt by the Unearthly Fire.

But Austin was confident that in future, after his cultivation base grew high enough, he would be able to control the two types of Unearthly Fire and use them at their full power.

After dealing with the Scorching Evil Fire, Austin decided to recover his spiritual sense.

He took out some pills, which would help him recover his spiritual sense, and put them into his mouth. He swallowed them quickly.

He could feel that a lot of his spiritual sense had been consumed when he tried to tame the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire. After having the pills, his spiritual sense started to recover at a high speed.

Austin started his bodily movement skill and left the stone room. He flew upward in the direction of the opening of the crater swiftly.

It didn't take him long to reach the top.


Austin rushed out of the black crater at high speed and flew upwards into the sky.

"The three things that I had planned to do in the Barren Mountain have been done now. It was totally worth the trip!

Now, it's time to go back.

I wonder how everything is going on at the Heaven Pavilion Sect now!

Hope nothing happens to it,"

Austin murmured to himself.

He waved his hand and the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot appeared beside him. Austin stepped into it and put some divine vital energy crystals into the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

In a split second, action began.

The Dragon and Phoenix Chariot disappeared with Austin aboard.

After a short while, Austin found that he had left the area of the Barren Mountain.


usually noisy and crowded but this one seemed to be in ruins.

On the streets of the town, there was blood and broken bodies of human beings everywhere. These people must die not long ago. Something struck them recently.

Blood was flowing everywhere and the town reeked of its smell.

It was clear, the slaughter had happened recently.

Inside the Triangle Zone, each town or city was controlled by different powers.

In these towns or cities, most of the people were human cultivators.

'Who could kill all the cultivators of the town?' Just as the question rose, the answer sprang in Austin's mind instantly. It must be the demon race!

"Isis, go! Run away quickly!

Let me block the monsters!"

The voice of a woman was heard again.

Austin found the figures of two women staggering by his spiritual sense.

They were Winnie and Isis from the New Moon Sect of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom!

'Why did these two women come to the Triangle Zone?'

Austin found it strange and asked himself.

Slowly as he observed the two women, Austin recognized them. He did not have a good impression of those two women.

They had chased and tried to kill him at more than one occasion, when he was in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom earlier.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin found out that Winnie and Isis were being chased by dozens of members of the demon race. They were running hysterically after them.

'I am right. It's indeed the demon race that did all this!'

As Austin's eyes passed through the broken bodies of human cultivators, he saw the flesh and blood of innocents filling up streets. The view did not just sadden him but filled him with something else. A ferocious determination filled up his heart and a chilling murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

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