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   Chapter 1066 Tame The Dark Bone Gloomy Fire

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Surprised, Austin swiftly plunged into the cave with finesse.

As Austin entered the cave, he immediately felt the piercing cold. It got colder and colder. He couldn't help but sneeze relentlessly.

The cave was spacious while also full of dark and dense fog. There was only one way to go further and it extended deeper inside.

Austin subconsciously felt that the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire was hidden somewhere inside the cave.

Ignoring the cold atmosphere, Austin clenched his jaw and stepped inside the cave.

Austin walked about a hundred meters and found a roomy stone chamber not far ahead.

The stone chamber, whether on the ground, on the wall, around the chamber, or on top of it, were all covered with thick and dark ice as the dark and dense fog permeated the entire chamber.

Moreover, the chamber was so dark that it was impossible to see anything.

Austin reached out his arms, only to get his hands on nothing but thick black fog.

When he waved his hands, the black and dense fog would float layer by layer and almost seemed like waves.

The stone chamber was nothing more than a dark and icy hole.

When he arrived at the stone chamber, every inch of Austin's body began to freeze.

After only a short period of time, his body was covered with black ice about ten centimeters thick.

Austin released his spiritual sense to detect the chamber.

"What is it? A crow?"

Austin was amazed to discover that in the middle of the fog-covered stone chamber was a dark crow. It stared at him with its cold eyes.

It was a special kind, a three-legged black crow!

It radiated a terrible chill and you could tell it was exactly the source of the bitter cold.

"What is that?"

Austin suddenly remembered what Angus had told him in the Mysterious Nether World. He once discussed the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire to him in detail.

Angus said that the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire would sometimes transform into the shape of a crow.

"Does that mean this is the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire?"

The crow had its eyes open wide as it stared at Austin coldly as if it was trying to mock him. It almost looked like a human.

"Is the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire equipped with a human mind?"

Having contact with the eyes of the dark crow, Austin felt uncomfortable and restless.

He stayed at the entrance of the stone chamber quietly and continued to observe the crow with his spiritual sense.

Now he was getting more and more certain that the crow was the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire in disguise.

He could feel an overwhelming murderous chill coming out from its dark body. It seemed that it could destroy everything if it wanted to.

Angus also told him that the Dark Bone

ire had been completely subdued by the Scorching Evil Fire.

It was weaker than before. It probably learned how powerful the Scorching Evil Fire was and began to fear it.

It looked very exhausted that it couldn't run away anymore.

It was enclosed in the corner of the stone chamber by the Scorching Evil Fire and where it was kept still.

"This is my chance!"

Austin was more than happy.

He immediately released his spiritual sense to get it closer to the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire cowering in the corner.

When the spiritual sense was about to meet the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire, the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire alertly responded.


It suddenly released a dark fire, that burned a part of Austin's spiritual sense.

Luckily, the Scorching Evil Fire quickly released a scarlet fire to strike back. The Dark Bone Gloomy Fire was no match for it and vanished.

Under the protection of the Scorching Evil Fire, Austin's spiritual sense managed to reach the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

Austin controlled his spiritual sense well to try and slowly permeate into the inner parts of the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire without provoking it.

Unsurprisingly, the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire still resisted with all its strength, and Austin's spiritual sense was undermined. It didn't seem like he would be able to tame the fire anytime soon.

After quite a while, Austin managed to penetrate his spiritual sense into the insides of the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire to make a spiritual sign inside it.

Austin gently soothed the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire for one whole day.

Finally, the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire turned docile and tame. It seemed that it ended up recognizing Austin as its master.

Austin let out a sigh of relief.

"I made it!"

His eyes radiated with a light of joy and satisfaction.

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