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   Chapter 1065 Gloomy Graveyard

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Both Austin and the gnome were amazed by the magic of the Three-life Spiritual Wood.

Austin took out his sword and carefully dug out the Three-life Spiritual Wood.

He also dug out the soils within a one-meter-wide and two-meter-deep area to provide the wood with better protection.

He then carefully transferred the Three-life Spiritual Wood together with the soil into a safe corner inside the City.

Angus had warned him that the Three-life Spiritual Wood should not be stored in the Space Ring. Otherwise, it would gradually lose its spirituality.

Austin breathed out a sigh of relief once the Three-life Spiritual Wood was safely stored in the City.

He had achieved his second goal in the Barren Mountain.

He now only had one goal left to achieve, which was to find the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

"Hey, kid. Listen. I'm leaving you to look for the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire by yourself from this point on.

I'll have to cultivate myself in seclusion since I don't know much about the fire. Good luck,"

the gnome said to Austin and then flew to the City.

Austin then used the Thunderbolt Movement Skill to fly out of the bamboo forest and activated his spiritual sense to reach far ahead.

He continued to move quietly and quickly in the Barren Mountain, trying to locate the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

Two days later.

Austin was floating in the air. Beneath him was the dark sand ground from the depths of the Barren Mountain.

He kept quiet, staring at a high mountain several kilometers away.

There was a volcanic vent at the top of the mountain.

It looked like a ferocious beast with its bloody mouth wide open, threatening to swallow anything and anybody that stood near it.

However, Austin found it strange because cold black mists rather than hot gas were coming out from inside the vent.

Even with his far distance from the volcano, he could still feel the extremely low temperature.

The areas surrounding the vent were even covered in ice.

However, the ice was pure black rather than white. It made for such a sinister sight.

"Is this the Gloomy Graveyard?"

Austin muttered to himself. He compared the volcanic vent to the map inside his Soul Sea. He ca

ks colliding with each other, the sounds echoing inside the pit.

It took Austin about an hour to completely wipe out the bat troop.

As a result, he consumed a great amount of his vital energy because he had to use it to resist the cold and simultaneously kill the icy rock bats.

After the killing was done, he stayed afloat for a while, panting. Once he had caught his breath, he continued to fly down.

Austin flew about a kilometer farther down where even the black mists seemed to have been frozen.

His whole body, clothes, hair, face and even his eyelashes were covered with the frozen black mists.

He could not stop himself from trembling.

"S-shit. Just what the hell is this p-place? It's so f-fucking c-c-cold," he stammered from the cold.

Austin kept using his vital energy to keep out the cold. He forced a bitter smile.

He reckoned that even Tribulation Realm warriors would freeze down here.

He was able to survive this far only because he had an extremely strong body.

Furthermore, his vital energy cultivation method had fire properties, which was why he could still move.

But the more he flew farther down, the more his body trembled uncontrollably.

A few moments later, he noticed through his spiritual sense that a cave stood thirty meters away.

The walls inside the cave were covered with wet slippery moss.

Black mists were erupting from it.

Austin finally found where those cold black mists were coming from.

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