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   Chapter 1064 The Magical Three-life Spiritual Wood.

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Each demonic bee possessed a head resembles that of a human. They were littered in various colors, and roughly about the size of an adult dog.

They all had human-like faces, complete with a nose, an ear, a mouth and two eyes.

They even had long unkempt hair. They could make your hair raise in fright at the first glance.

Their level of strength was at par to that of the level-four demonic beasts.

Despite all this information, Austin was going to have to experience it for himself.

Nearly tens of thousands of human head demonic bees, like an avalanche, instantly covered the whole of the bamboo forest, including Austin and the gnome.

"Humph! You disgusting bees!"

Austin sneered.

A vital energy force burst forth from his body.


Powerful shock waves are formed wherever the vital energy force went. The demonic bees died instantly as soon as they got covered by it. They all exploded dramatically.

With just a snap of a finger, the avalanche of bees were obliterated, down the very last one, by the powerful shock waves.

The power of a level-four demonic beast was equal to the cultivation base of a human warrior.

So for Austin who possesses the cultivation base of Astral Realm, a power too compelling compared to that of the bees, exterminating them was effortless.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Austin and the gnome transformed into two beams of light. They continued searching among the seemingly boundless bamboo forest.

A few moments later.

"Watch it!"

Austin was in the lead, when he came to a sudden stop.

He had perceived something unusual with his spiritual sense. His face instantly contorted into a frown.

Upon Austin's warning, the gnome also stopped all his movements.

"What the hell are these bugs? It's kind of weird."

Austin's face was getting more grim. He looked farther into the bamboo forest trying to make out what was beyond.

"Master, it is the Invisible Illusory Bugs!"

Violet emerged from the Illusion Bead, excitement evident in her voice.

She could always communicate with Austin telepathically.


Invisible Illusory Bug?

Both Austin and the gnome were surprised at Violet's announcement.

They both gawked at Violet, trying to perc

gnome in no time.

Half an hour later, Austin and the gnome arrived at a clearing in the bamboo forest.

Austin was panting heavily. He was eyeing the narrow space a little farther up the footpath.

There situated a small yellow tree about 50 centimeters in height.

It was a very peculiar tree. It had only six twigs and three leaves!

And it glowed different shades of yellow.

Austin took a closer look at the strange tree.

Upon observation, he noticed that there were six tiny doors in it.

It turned out that there was one for each of the six twigs.

All the six tiny doors were open. Thick smoke was seen billowing from inside. The doors seemed like a passageway to unknown places.

On the three leaves, illusory pictures flashed before their eyes.

They saw numerous newborn babies and dying old men in these pictures. The theme was all about the birth and the death.

"It turns out that what Angus had said was true!"

Austin stared at the pictures. He was exhilarated.

The Three-life Spiritual Wood was indeed a magical spiritual wood.

It had rich cultural connotations.

Each of the six twigs symbolized six paths of reincarnation.

The three leaves symbolized man's three lives -- in this life, in previous incarnation and in afterlife.

Austin was initially skeptic about what Angus said.

He thought that it was nothing but an ordinary spiritual wood.

Austin was not convinced until he had seen the illusory pictures with his own eyes.

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