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   Chapter 1063 Three-life Spiritual Wood

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"This is the cold ashes herb!" the girls cried out.

Emma and Debby came to the Barren Mountain with a purpose of looking for that kind of spiritual herb, so they recognized it immediately.

The two sisters suddenly became ecstatic, with tears of joy seeping out of their eyes.

If they would be able to take home the herb, their father might still be saved.

Violet was the one who found the herbs in the treasure house of the Oracle Sect.

Austin handed all the cold ashes herbs to Emma.

Emma quickly and carefully took the herbs from him.

"Austin, thank you very much,"

Emma said as she gave Austin a look of deep gratitude. She was moved beyond words.

Austin not only saved them in the Emerald City, but also brought them to the Barren Mountain and helped them find the herb that they so badly needed.

Emma did not dare to imagine what would have happened to her and Debby if they had not met Austin.

Debby looked at Austin in admiration. There was gratitude in her eyes as well as some vague unspoken infatuation.

Although Austin's age was similar to hers, his strength far exceeded hers.

Even among all the young men she had met, none could be compared to Austin.

She could affirm that Austin was the best of all the young men she had known.

Austin abruptly cleared his throat.

"Well, since you have obtained the cold ashes herb, let's get out of this place.

I think it would be better and safer for you to stay in my City model for now.

It will be much more convenient for you in many aspects,"

Austin quickly said to the two sisters, trying to avert Debby's admiring gaze.

He entered the Barren Mountain for three purposes this time. The first one was to look for appropriate materials to reshape the body for Angus; the second was to look for the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire, and the third was to help Emma and Debby look for the cold ashes herb.

However, he had only completed one task.

He still had two other purposes to achieve, which were to find materials to reshape the body for Angus and to find the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

Therefore, Austin did not want to waste too much time in the Oracle Sect.

He then transferred all of them back into his City.

"Well, if I really have a chance to rebuild the Oracle Sect in the future, I will still set up the headquarters here," he murmured to himself.

He took one last look at the site of the Oracle Sect before leaving.

Although the site of the Oracle Sect was littered with white bones, it looked abundantly green with exuberant l

rbolt Movement Skill, and within a few seconds, he arrived at the top of the vast bamboo forest.

Austin used his spiritual sense to search the bamboo forest below.

Since the bamboo forest was too dense, the light that reached inside the bamboo forest was very dim.

Only a tiny bit of light occasionally leaked from the gaps between the bamboo leaves, shining on the wet rotten forest ground.

"Let's go deep inside the bamboo forest and search for the Three-life Spiritual Wood," Austin insisted.

Austin released more of his spiritual sense to probe the bamboo forest for a while, but found nothing.

Growing impatient, Austin used his body movement skill and galloped towards the bamboo forest below.

The gnome closely followed behind him.

Inside the bamboo forest, the light was dim, the air was humid, and the ground was covered with a thick layer of withered and rotten bamboo leaves.

Fortunately, such an environment would not have any impact on the bodily movement skill and speed of Austin and the gnome.

Both of their figures sped through the bamboo forest like lightning hitting a treetop.

Austin sensed the situation farther up the distance with his spiritual sense, and continued to search for the Three-life Spiritual Wood in the vast bamboo forest.


Austin and the gnome had just started to slow down and walk through the bamboo forest, when they suddenly heard strange buzzing noises.

There were buzzing coming from all directions of the forest.

A moment later, a swarm consisting of tens of thousands of bees appeared and rushed towards them.

"Those are human head demonic bees!"

Austin exclaimed, immediately recognizing the bees.

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