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   Chapter 1062 The Location Of The Heaven Palace Headquarters

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The demon king and others of the demon race stared at Austin with a puzzled look. They were wondering if his body had already been taken over by Tybalt.

Austin did not see it coming.

The question was raised by the demon king, and it put him in a dilemma.

Austin quickly decided to impersonate Tybalt. By doing so, he hoped he would not have to get into a fight with the demon race.

The demon king's power seemed formidable. And there were hundreds of demons on his side.

Austin knew that if he got into a battle with them, he would barely be able to escape, even if he used all his aces.


What are you all doing here?''

Austin clasped his hands behind his back and asked them in a cold tone.

''Tybalt the Great! Is that really you?''

the demon king asked once again, thrilled.

Somewhere in his thought, he was also depressed.

If the human in front of him was really the new body Tybalt had snatched, then he would never get the spiritual tree. He could not claim it, for it was already a personal item of Tybalt. The demon king did not dare to covet the spiritual tree any more.

''Tybalt the Great! It must be him! I can feel the powerful, evil aura that only the demon imperator can possess, ''

other demons also cheered.

''Tybalt the Great!'' They all called out in unison.

All at once, the large number of the demon race knelt down before Austin.

The rest of the demon race hesitated for a moment or so. Before long, they also knelt down.

They would rather convince themselves that the human standing before them was the real demon imperator.

They were afraid of the consequences if the demon imperator was pissed off by their rudeness. They knew that Tybalt the Great would get them executed if he felt insulted.

''All of you, arise first!

Tell me what happened, ''

Austin spoke in an apathetic yet authoritative tone.

Since Austin had obtained the allegiance of all his servants and had taken over the Heaven Pavilion Sect, he began to act more like a leader in many aspects.

Austin's affectations were quite convincing.

Looking at scene before his eyes, the gnome was confused. When did Austin become the demon imperator? How did he become this so-called Tybalt the Great?

''Your honor! The demon emperors of our Demon Abyss Realm have gathered all their energy and finally opened up a space pass to the Prime Martial World.

Now, our demon armies are swarming into the Prime Martial World through the telep

with the humans of the Prime Martial World along with them.


The demon king waved his hand after a moment's reflection. Then he left with his demon race. They transformed into dark clouds and flew across the sky.

They quickly left the ruins of the Oracle Sect and reached the black desert ahead of them.

On the peak of a mountain lying among the ruins of the Oracle Sect, the space warped.

Out of it stepped Austin and the gnome.

''Hooh! The demon race finally left this place.''

Austin released his spiritual sense and found that all the members of the demon race had gone to the black desert. He was relieved and could take rest now.

The demon king had put Austin under a lot of pressure. Austin was certain that even if he had wielded his Slaughtering Sword, he did not stand much chance to defeat the demon king and the large number of his followers.

After ascertaining that the demon race had left, Austin manipulated the teleporting power of the City to transport Fanny and her grandfather, Emma and Debby.

Austin had already located Emma and Debby and transported them into his City before he notice the appearance of the demon race.

Later, he had saved Fanny and her grandfather.

''The demon race scared the hell out of me!''

Fanny's grandfather was still slightly quivering with fear as he remembered the moment when the demon race had easily destroyed his defense array.

''No more worries. All of them from the demon race have left, ''

Austin replied trying to calm the old man down.

''Look at this!'' Austin took out about five spiritual herbs and turned to Emma and Debby with a smile on his face.

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