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   Chapter 1061 Are You Tybalt The Great

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"Let's go!"

Fanny's grandfather instructed Fanny as he saw the black cloud moving toward them. He had a hunch that some evil would befall them if they stayed.

As soon as he finished speaking, he scooped Fanny into his arms and activated his bodily movement skill so that they could leave quickly.

But, the black cloud reached before he could move.

Then, the cloud turned into hundreds of strong figures—each figure saturated the air around Fanny and her grandfather with a formidable aura. There were so many figures that they covered the sky above the whole meadow and blocked the sunlight.

"On, no! It's the demon race!"

Fanny's grandfather was startled. Fear reflected in his eyes as he stared at the figures in the sky.

"Oh, it's only two lowly human beings. I guess you accidentally ventured here. But that doesn't mean that I will spare you!

Time to die!"

The demon king, who was levitating in the air, rushed toward them first. His crimson eyes shot a cold glare at Fanny and her grandfather.

Then the demon king activated his demonic spiritual soul to feel Fanny and her grandfather's cultivation base. Soon, a disdainful smile crept over the corner of his lips.

As soon as he raised his hand, two streams of black evil aura surged, targeting Fanny and her grandfather.

Fanny's grandfather paled immediately. In a flash, he summoned two yellow array flags—one in each hand. And then, he threw the two array flags in different directions as fast as he could.


A split second later, a defensive array enclosed Fanny and her grandfather.


The two streams of evil aura collided with the array.

A moment later, cracks appeared on the defensive array.

Fortunately, Fanny and her grandfather weren't wounded by the evil aura as the defensive array protected them.

"Wow! I didn't expect that you would know how to deploy an array this quickly,"

the demon king said, surprise reflecting in his expression.

"But it matters not," he laughed. "Such an array is not a challenge to me.

Accept it! You are going to die today!"

the demon king said as he waved his hand.

In the next instant, another stream of black evil aura rushed toward Fanny's grandfather.

The evil aura was even more dangerous than the previous two as it emitted spine-chilling roars that

drowned Fanny's grandfather in infinite desperation.

Although he was capable of deploying another defensive array, the array would b

ing in the demon race, was the demon king's superior.

The demonic spiritual soul told the demon king that there was pure evil aura inside Austin.

The evil aura was the sign of the demon race.

"Tybalt the Great, is that you?"

the demon king asked respectfully.

The demon king was known to be demeaning and arrogant toward other demons.

But, in front of Tybalt, he was deferential.

The law that the best and strongest earned the most respect, seemed to apply to all races—be it human or demons.

Hierarchy was everything in the demon race. The strong members of the demon race could mistreat the weak ones, or kill them without any reason or excuse.

When the demon king suspected that Austin was Tybalt, his attitude changed to reverence.

"Tybalt the Great? Is.. Is..

Your Majesty! You mean that human is Tybalt the Great?!"

The crimson eyes of other members of the demon race widened as they stared at Austin in shock.

Everyone was awestruck and amazed.


The demon race thinks that the demon imperator named Tybalt has snatched my body, '

Austin concluded.

He now knew that the demon skeleton that tried to integrate with his body was called Tybalt.

Austin figured that the skeleton of this said demon inside his body was the reason why they could detect traces of Tybalt emitting from him.

Austin gave it some thought and figured out why the demon race reacted like that.

'Is it better to let them believe that what they are thinking is true? Should I let them think that Tybalt snatched my body and replaced me? It might be fun to pretend to be the so-called Tybalt the Great. Ha-ha!'

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