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   Chapter 1060 Demons Are Here

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6586

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"Well, you'll see for yourself.

Let's get inside and collect treasures,"

Austin said to Violet as his eyes remained glued to the door.

Without waiting for her to reply, Austin took the lead and entered the stone door.

Excited, Violet and the gnome followed him. Soon, they stepped into the room.

Austin and his companions had expected to see numerous treasures inside.

Despite that, they were dumbfounded at the sight of the valuables in the Oracle Sect's treasury.

'Oh my God!' they exclaimed inwardly.

All kinds of vital energy crystals were piled up like a hill.

To begin with, Austin estimated that there were about millions divine vital energy crystals.

Staring at the heaps of divine vital energy crystals, he felt like he was in a dream. Austin couldn't believe that so many precious crystals were right in front of him.

Besides the crystals, there were other priceless treasures, including weapons of all levels, countless herbs, and elixirs...

"Oh yeah, we're rich now!" Violet screamed cheerfully with widened eyes.

She ran toward the valuable treasures as she spoke.

"Don't be so dramatic," Austin said to Violet.

Although the gnome had seen different treasures, he couldn't control his joy, either. He too dashed toward the heaps of priceless items.

"Calm down, guys,"

Austin said with a sigh of resignation.

Before he could finish his sentence, he too rushed forward and started collecting the valuables.

While Austin and his companions were busy collecting treasures in the Oracle Sect's treasury, a hundred demons canvased the black desert where Austin had fought the Skull Scorpions.

The demon king who had just returned to life floated over the desert.

He used his demonic spiritual soul to sense the area below him.

"That human must have killed these Skull Scorpions.

He has been here.

Why can't I find any sign of him?

I can sense the aura of Tybalt the Great here.

Did they..

sense detected something terrible.

"Shit. Demons have arrived.

They are heading for where Emma, Debby, Fanny, and Fanny's grandpa are," Austin said.

He raised his eyebrows as worry coursed through him.

With his spiritual sense, Austin perceived that these intruders were the same demons he had met in the Pillar Array the other day.

'What the hell is going on?

How did those demons find this place?

There isn't any time to think about this.

If Fanny, Fanny's grandfather, Emma, and Debby are spotted, their lives will be in danger, ' he thought.

"Use your teleportation ability to take me to them. They are in trouble. Hurry up,"

Austin instructed the gnome.

The gnome knew who Austin was referring to.

Aware that it was an emergency, he wasted no time activating his teleportation ability. In a second, the three of them were in the spatial teleportation passage.

At the same time, Fanny and her grandfather were gathering herbs.

"How did you humble humans get here?"

A ferocious voice cut through the air.

Black clouds filled the sky above the humans.

"What are those, Grandpa?" Fanny asked as she stared at the clouds.

The old man looked up at the clouds too. As the mysterious clouds neared, a sense of foreboding filled both Fanny and her grandfather.

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