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   Chapter 1059 Treasure-house Of The Oracle Sect

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"How is it possible?

Is it because I have the skeleton of the demon imperator in my body?"

Austin could think of it as the only reason which could explain the present situation.

He looked carefully at the skeleton of a human cultivator as he walked around it.

According to the words of the demon imperator, that human skeleton belonged to the sect leader of the Oracle Sect.

At that time, the demon race had invaded the Oracle Sect. Apparently, the sect leader of the Oracle Sect had perished along with the demon imperator.

Hundreds of years had passed after that, and the two skeletons still stood on the square.


Since the demonic spiritual soul of Tybalt has already vanished, it's meaningless for my soul to stay here!"

Suddenly, an ancient and heavy sigh rang out from the skeleton of the sect leader of the Oracle Sect.

Then an apparition came up, the spiritual soul emerged from the skull of the skeleton.

It was an elder with white hair and beard.


Austin was shocked to see the soul. He took several steps back and stared at the vision of the elder warily.

"Don't be surprised or scared. I'm just a residual soul, and I was going to try my best to save you.

But I didn't expect you to have the magical treasure which could suppress that demon.

That demon, Tybalt, had brought in a large group of the demon race to invade my Oracle Sect.

My spiritual soul and his demonic spiritual soul had fought for hundreds of years on this square. Now I am finally free from this fight,"

the vision of the elder sighed with emotion.

"Son, you were destined to meet me today.

My Oracle Sect used to be the top sect in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World. I never expected that it would be exterminated when I was in charge.

How about I give you the Oracle Manual! Maybe you will have a chance to rebuild the Oracle Sect in the future.

I don't think the Oracle Sect has ended with my generation. It can continue to exist and develop again to reach greater heights,"

the vision of the elder looked at Austin and said. He was hopeful that his sect would rise again to glory.

"The Oracle Manual?

To rebuild the Oracle Sect?"

Austin hesitated for a while as he thought over those words of the elder.

"Will you accept it?

This Oracle Manual was regarded

read: Oracle Treasure-house!

Austin was able to reach the treasure-house of the Oracle Sect.

He was aware that the mountain used to be the place which had the most powerful and the toughest defense system in the whole Oracle Sect.

Except the sect leader and a few superior elders, no one was allowed to enter that mountain.

But, now all the members of the Oracle Sect were dead. There was no one guarding the treasure-house.

There were many different kinds of arrays in that treasure-house of the Oracle Sect.

In spite of finding the treasure-house, if Austin did not know the way to open it, it would all be in vain. He wondered how many efforts and how much time he would spend trying to open the gate.

Fortunately, the sect leader of the Oracle Sect had also told Austin the way to open the gate of the treasure-house.

Austin released his spiritual sense into the whole Oracle Sect like a flood.

Soon, he sensed the position of the gnome and Violet.

Austin sent the gnome and Violet a message through the spiritual sense.

A few moments passed.

The gnome and Violet both arrived at the jungle on the mountainside.

"Master, did you really say that you have found the treasure-house of this sect?"

As Violet walked up to Austin, she asked in amazement.

She had found many good things about that sect with the gnome just now. But she did not know that there was a treasure-house.

And then, she got Austin's message sent through his spiritual sense. Austin wanted her help to arrange the things in the treasure-house!

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