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   Chapter 1057 The Fire Stela Saved Him Again

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6618

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More and more leaves fell from the spiritual tree and flew towards the demon imperator, carrying streams of overwhelming spiritual sense. Every blade of leaf left a cut on the demon imperator's body.

The force from each leaf's attack was much stronger than Austin's Spiritual Sense Flying Spear.

Enveloped by over sixty leaves, the demon imperator became more serious and less casual than he was before.

He kept throwing palm attacks to the leaves around him.

The leaves fell down on the ground from his attacks. He then continued moving towards the spiritual tree.

Austin was dumbstruck with fear from what he witnessed.

The force of the spiritual tree and his spiritual sense would usually be able to withstand an opponent whose spiritual sense was at least ten times stronger than his.

However, the fight between the demon imperator and the spiritual tree ended in a draw, which meant his demonic spiritual soul was much stronger than Austin's.

Such a thought sent a chill down his spine.

"Damn it! Get out of my Soul Sea!"

Austin roared in a panic. He knew well the dilemma that he was currently facing.

Anxiety was burning in his chest.

Fierce waves surged up over the spiritual sense lake of two thousand square meters.

A tall stream of water rose up from the lake, charging towards the demon imperator.

The spiritual sense lake underneath the spiritual tree was formed by Austin's spiritual sense. Every drop of water in the lake was the essence of his spiritual sense.

In other words, this lake contained all of Austin's spiritual sense.

Under such a critical circumstance, Austin was forced to exert all of his spiritual sense to be able to fight against the demon imperator. He had no time to think about the consequences.

"It's only some Spiritual Sense Liquefaction. Big deal!


With a wave of the demon imperator's hand, black evil aura swept all over the spiritual sense lake.

The lake soon froze the mom

t of Austin's elixir field, flashing into his Soul Sea.

The Fire Stela, as solemn and magnificent as a lofty mountain, spread brilliance in every corner of the Soul Sea.

The beams of golden light dazzled everyone's eyes.

The heat from the stela had turned the whole Soul Sea into a steaming sea.

All the black evil aura melted under the golden light of the Fire Stela like snow melting in the early spring.

A moment later, all the evil aura in Austin's Soul Sea had disappeared.

"What the hell is this?!"

As the demon imperator took a step closer to the spiritual tree, his whole body burned under the golden light.

Austin could hear the crackling of the demon imperator's burning skin.

The demon imperator was bathed in the beams of golden light, unable to move.

The light slowly vaporized his body. He glanced down and saw himself decomposing into black evil aura.

"No! No way!"

the demon imperator roared in disbelief.

"What a great timing!" Austin exclaimed as relief washed over him.

His spiritual soul then rushed back towards the spiritual tree and succeeded in fusing back into the spiritual tree.

Austin's heart was filled with overwhelming joy after having just come back from the brink of death.

He couldn't believe that the Fire Stela had saved him once again.

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