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   Chapter 1056 Possessed By The Demon's Skeleton

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"Squeak, squeak..."

A loud sound came from the four or five-meter tall demon skeleton as it began to shake violently.

Austin was both shocked and scared when he heard the creepy noise. He had a strong sense of foreboding that something terrible was about to happen.

The next very moment, he spotted the skeleton moving forward.

Surprised, Austin blinked rapidly. His eyes widened when he noticed that the skeleton was heading for him.

'Damn! What is happening?'

Austin swore in his mind. His heart thudded wildly as he was now even more terrified than before.

He didn't have the slightest clue why this skeleton was heading for him.

Just then, Austin caught sight of something through a quick sidelong glance.

He saw specks of blood on the skeleton. As he studied the skeleton more thoroughly, Austin noticed that the skeleton's skull was covered with blood.

What was more gruesome was that the skeleton was absorbing the drops of blood slowly.

At the sight, Austin realized why the skeleton had somehow come alive.

A moment ago, he had felt a powerful pressure squeezing his right arm hard. As a result, a gaping wound on his arm began spraying blood, which then dripped on the skeleton!

'Could it be that my blood enabled the skeleton to move?'

At the thought, a tinge of fear coursed through Austin.

'Oh, my god! This is definitely an omen of disaster. I have to flee, or else the consequences will be horrible!' Upon the thought, Austin sought escape routes.

"Come on! Come on!" Austin muttered to himself anxiously.

He desperately released all the vital energy inside his body, in the hope that it would protect him.

Austin couldn't run because of the intense pressure the skeleton exuded. He took several painfully slow steps away from the square.

What was more, the dense and strong pressure in the center of the square prevented him from flying away.

Only when he left the center of the square could Austin use his flying skill again.

However, just as he was walking out of the square as fast as he could, he heard loud and quick footsteps from behind.

'Gosh! What is happening now?' His heart began to race faster.

Austin released his spiritual sense to detect what was happening behind him.

He found that the skeleton was following him. Yet, it walked faster than him.

Somehow, Austin had the feeling that the skeleton was chasing him and that once it caught him, it would not let him go that easily.

Never had he been in a situation like this. Now, he was overwhelmed by the tremendous fear he felt.

A chill ran through him, covering his body in goose bumps.

"No way! How could this happen?

If this skeleton catches me, I am doomed!" he surmised.

Driven by the urgency of the situation, Austin desperately accelerated his walking speed.

Even though he

k the skeleton demon once again.

However, the demon not only resisted the attacks, but he continued to move toward the spiritual tree.

Apparently, Austin's strong attacks were of no use as the demon could block them effortlessly.

Then, a rustling sound was heard.

The leaves on the spiritual tree flew off the branches and headed straight for the demon.

The attacks of the spiritual tree's leaves were obviously stronger than those of the spiritual demon and the Spiritual Sense Flying Spears.

Austin had no other options.

Up until that moment, he had only grasped these two skills in terms of his spiritual sense.

When the power of his spiritual sense was weak, Austin felt that the Demon-creating Skill was quite powerful.

However, as his spiritual sense grew stronger, Austin felt that this Demon-creating Skill had gradually become somewhat inadequate.

It seemed that it no longer matched his increasingly powerful spiritual sense.

The Spiritual Sense Flying Spear was an upgraded version of the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle.

The Spiritual Sense Flying Needle, as a five-grade spiritual sense skill, was less superior to the power of the Demon-creating Skill.

"Ha-ha, this spiritual tree is truly amazing," the demon exclaimed.

After feeling the formidable cutting power of the spiritual tree's leaves, he was even more pleasantly surprised.

"Low and degrading human being, stop your useless struggle.

Even though you have a spiritual tree, your weak strength is no match to my skills. I can kill you easily, like squashing a small ant.

I suggest you give up your useless attacks and surrender to me obediently.

Don't you know that I am the demon imperator? With only one small trick, I can make your life miserable forever. Did you know that I can steal your soul? You would suffer tremendously if I did that,"

the demon warned coldly.

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