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   Chapter 1055 Taking The Space Ring

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7316

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While gazing at the two bodies erected in the center of the square, Austin landed there.

The moment his feet touched the ground, he felt the crushing weight of two strong powers pressing on him.

He was caught off-guard and was nearly blasted away by the force of the energy. His muscles tensed against it, and he remained on his feet.


Austin shouted. He put his hands in front of him defensively.

He unleashed his physical strength while simultaneously releasing his vital energy at a steady pace, forming a vital energy shield.

The shield managed to block it from touching him, but he had to brace against it to keep from being blown backward. He could tell that they were strong because he was barely standing.

There was no doubt that these two strong energies were coming from the two skeletons at the center of the square.

Before, when Austin was travelling in the air above the square, the powers felt much weaker. He guessed that it was probably because he was farther away from them.

With his feet on the ground, he could sense how tremendous these powers were, and they were giving him a hard time.

Without his four million pounds worth of physical strength and his cultivation base at the Astral Realm, Austin wouldn't even have been standing steadily.

Had anyone in this square been a warrior of the Astral Realm or even the not-too-strong Tribulation Realm, he would be crushed to pieces by these two powers.


Austin drew his breath in sharply between his teeth.

These two attackers were a human and a demon who had been dead for at least six hundred years, yet their skeletons still possessed such strong power even after such a long period of time.

He found it hard to imagine. After all, if they were this strong now, what kind of power would they have when both of them were still alive?!

Austin was scared at the thought of it.

He imagined that these two might be able to kill him with just a snap of their fingers, had they been alive.

"Space Ring!"

A reflection of light caught Austin's eye.

He followed it to the middle finger on the skeleton of the human warrior.

He was wearing a shining Space Ri

e being squeezed out of shape like dough.

His face felt the worst. Austin felt like his face was pressed against a large pane of glass and was being twisted beyond recognition.

"Holy shit. This human and that demon here must have been really big shots when they were still alive! The power is so formidable!"

It took a lot to scare Austin, but he actually thought he was going to die.

He took a deep breath and reached out his right hand to take the Space Ring from the middle finger of the human warrior.

The closer his hand got to the body of the human warrior, the more resistance he felt.


Austin shouted and unleashed all of the power within his body, helping propel his right hand forward with much more speed, and causing him to successfully touch the Space Ring.


A noise was followed by an intense pain in Austin's entire right arm, and then he noticed his arm was covered in blood with many torn muscles and broken vessel.

Blood shot out of the wounds on his arm like red arrows being fired.

Pushing past his own suffering, Austin gritted his teeth and finally took the ring off that finger. He quickly put it inside of his own Space Ring.


Austin breathed a sigh of both relief and triumph. Now he just had to get out of there in one piece.

Just as he was about to leave the square, a sudden movement got his attention.

He turned to see that the body of the demon started to shake.

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