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   Chapter 1054 Two Standing Skeletons (Part Two)

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He stopped all of a sudden as an idea struck him.

'The Oracle Sect seemed to be a large excellent sect of martial arts. Maybe there are some valuable items still left in here?' Austin considered. The sudden thought made him almost exhilarated.

The Oracle Sect seemed to have been annihilated by the demon race in a terrible fight.

Judging from the debris of bones scattering everywhere, Austin thought that no one from the Oracle Sect must have survived the onslaught of the demons.

Had there any Oracle Sect members survived from the attack, they would have possibly cleaned up the battlefield to bury their elders and peers. But nothing was left but chaos in this place. It only meant that every single one died in that brutal battle.

If all the people from the Oracle Sect had died in the fight, was there any possibility that something precious in this sect would still be kept where they were as nobody would go and take it?

Usually, every sect would separate some places to store treasures, secret books of martial arts, and excellent weapons in its possession.

Austin considered if the Oracle Sect must have left those valuable possessions in their storerooms. It would be a great fortune if he found and acquired them!

Austin's heart throbbed faster when he thought of this. He felt both determined and excited to find them if ever they were around.

Besides, he had the best helper with him! In terms of treasure hunting, the gnome was always the best partner to rely on.

Austin summoned the gnome by murmuring something through his spiritual sense.

As soon as he finished, he saw the gnome and Violet flash out from the Illusion Bead.

In an attempt to get more helpers, Austin even summoned Emma, Debby, Fa

the square.

To his amazement, there were two intact skeletons standing on it!

The first skeleton sparkled a crystal-like radiance, one that resembled jade. This mysterious shine enveloped every piece of the skeleton. He also noticed that this skeleton was once owned by a human warrior.

It was emitting a mighty vital energy force.

The other skeleton was much larger, and it was roughly about five meters in height. This one obviously came from the demon race.

The thick black evil aura was from this demonic skeleton. It poured out from the bones, sprawled, and cloaked the entire sky over the square.

Judging from the position and posture of the two skeletons, their masters must have been fighting with each other when they died.

Their four hands were both situated as if they were trying to push the other one away.

'Did they die with the intention to kill their enemies through self-destruction?' Austin considered as he took a closer look of their positions.

Austin suspended himself in the sky above the square and observed the two standing skeletons with great shock written all over his face. That was too much for him to take.

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