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   Chapter 1053 Two Standing Skeletons (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6372

Updated: 2019-10-17 00:22

Shocked to his very core, Austin stopped moving. He tried to catch his breath and bring back his composure. First thing first, he had to calm down before he could figure out what this place exactly was and why it was buried underground like this.

He looked left and right as he searched for a proper entrance. A few moments later, his eyes laid on a large entrance situated at the foot of the mountain. That should tell Austin more about this place.

And without wasting any time, he jumped into the air and flew towards the direction of the entrance. Being the fast and excited warrior that he was, he arrived in his destination in a blink of an eye. Steadily, he landed in front of the entrance.

Austin carefully examined the entrance as soon as he had the chance to do so. What he saw were attack marks and collapsed parts around the entrance area. It looked old and looked like it had already suffered a lot of erosion over time. It was then safe to assume that the entrance had been abandoned for a very long time, but he was not sure yet of what it used to be.

He then noticed that the name plaque that hung over the gate of the entrance was still there. And to his surprise, it was still intact. He looked more closely at the details of the plaque and saw two distinct characters which, as he presumed, were written in an ancient way.

Austin understood that this place was littered with relics of some sect or martial arts as soon as the entrance plate showed.

And from what he could infer from the plate was that this abandoned place was once belonged to a sect called the Oracle Sect.

He racked his brain to recall anything he might know of this sect, but to no avail. Through his life, he had never heard such a sect across the Prime Martial World.

With his agile movements, Austin gracefully leaped into the air. He quickly ran through the entrance gate and darted into the unkn

the relics of the Oracle Sect.

Despite the ghastly human and demon skeletons all around, the place folded around Austin like it was taking possession of him. Leafy trees were all over the place and blocked his motion in every direction. Every view was unique but the same all at once. Animals frolicked and harbored themselves in the grooves, and various birds sang sweet songs on the trees. Its serenity and beauty were pure for its isolation from the outside world for many years.

Going deeper into the relics, Austin noticed that the place hummed with life all around. He was impressed by the harmonious integration of spiritual energies in nature. The spiritual energies from heaven and earth were not only thick, but also pure. It was the perfect place for cultivation.

No wonder the Oracle Sect chose this place to develop their people. It was indeed a perfect place to build a stronghold.

Austin checked around and imagined the glorious past of the Oracle Sect. All the trees were tightly-knit, just one strand in a massive web of life. The scent of earth and water drifted through the air. It was a picture of serenity, one which would endure for many long years. He could not help but feel that this place was indeed a perfect refining environment.

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