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   Chapter 1052 Ruins Of A Sect

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Whizzing hysterically, the Skull Scorpions changed their direction after realizing they had missed their target.

Like a flash flood, they charged at Austin once again.

Their coppery smell assaulted him, almost making him choke.

Aware of the much dreaded venomous sting of the scorpions, he cut a stern face, plotting his next move.

But before he could react, he was alarmed by yet more hissing and whizzing.

This time, the whizzing was only a few meters from where he stood.

Another heap of sand appeared to move, charging furiously at him.

"Damn it! Why are there so many Skull Scorpions around this place?"

Are there really any treasures here?"

Never had Austin imagined a place so full of Skull Scorpions, ready to attack an intruder.

Worse still, the scorpions could withstand his thunder sword aura.

For starters, not even Astral ranked martial arts masters could fight against Austin. Especially, his thunder sword was too lethal for such a battle.

Yet the armies of scorpions were not only numerous but also powerful enough to fight back — a terrifying reality.

"I bet, by the stories I've heard, there must be some real treasures under these sands.

Hopefully, that's true. Or else I'll be wasting my time here."

With a final decision, he put away the Lightning Sword and took out the Slaughtering Sword instead, ready for the battle of his life.

Since he had broken into the preliminary stage of Astral Realm, it was now easier for him to use the Slaughtering Sword than before.

At least he did not need to sleep for a whole day just to recover after fighting with the sword like the first time that he used it.

Also, the spiritual tree of his soul could suck up the murderous intent that kept invading the Soul Sea. That way, he could get new bursts of energy to replenish his spiritual power, right in the middle of fighting.

So using the sword meant a few extra benefits for him.

And indeed, those added advantages were the little things that could prove decisive in battle. However, Austin also understood the limits of his vital energy at the moment. As such, he'd be cautious about invoking the entirety of the sword's hidden power.

Holding the sword with well-practiced precision, he manipulated the thunder unicorn to get out of the elixir field using his mind.

"Come on!"

he bellowed.

Then he flashed

ow, he sensed he had entered a different place altogether — an empty space.

Hurtling through space, he quickly activated his inner power for floating, to avoid crushing.

It took him quite a while before he slowed to reasonably safe speeds.

For the next few minutes, he was fairly in control.

At long last, he landed on a firm surface, more stable than the loose sand which had caved under his feet. Although not so hard as to hurt him on impact.

Feeling relieved, he sighed and spat out the sand that had filled his mouth.

Shaking off the dust, he let out a burst of vital energy.

Then he took a moment to survey the area, trying to orient himself.

What he saw stunned him.

Here was a world full of vital spiritual energy and evidence of life over the centuries.

Great mountains with thick forest cover surrounded the place.

Mist and cloud adorned the mountain peaks in breathtaking beauty, but the buildings at the foot looked too derelict for occupancy.

Oddly, the condition of the houses looked better with each row going upward. Actually, the highest rows were almost untouched by the effects of age.

Austin suspected these were the ancient ruins of a reclusive sect that had once lived here in seclusion.

Meanwhile, Austin also found hundreds of thousands of human bones scattering all over the ground.

The discovery of bones ruined the allure of this beautiful world with a ghastly sight.

Carefully, Austin looked around with mixed emotions.

Never in his wildest dreams had he expected to find ruins of a sect under this black sand.

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