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   Chapter 1051 Skull Scorpions

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When Emma and Debby saw piles of superior vital energy crystals in their Space Rings, they were immensely thrilled.

It felt extremely unreal to them -- as if what was happening were nothing more than a really good dream. With that, they were just over the moon with happiness.

It took quite a while for them to finally get down from the feeling of ecstasy.

And when they did, they both looked at Austin with great admiration and gratefulness.

They were well aware that the only reason they were able to acquire those superior vital energy crystals was because Austin was there with them.

If they had walked the Barren Mountain without Austin's company, they would have been torn to pieces by the demonic dogs guarding the place within half a day. Even more than that, there was no way they could have discovered the treasures without Austin's help.

After a day of travelling, they reached another part of the Barren Mountain.

"I never would have imagined that such a vast and broad sand dune area like this would exist in this Barren Mountain,"

Austin exclaimed as he gazed at the scenery before them.

In front of them, the rocky, dark brown terrain that was covered by grit and pebbles was gone. Instead, it was replaced by a boundless sand dune desert.

All of the topographies in their line of sight, such as the plains, mountains, and hills were all covered by a layer of black sand that was as thick as a dozen yards in some areas.

It was, in all aspects, a desert region.

"The topography of this Barren Mountain is very complicated.

It would be very likely for us to encounter just about any form of topography once we set foot on the boundary of this Barren Mountain.

What's more, it is said that its space and ground are completely unstable, and its location is not fixed. Thus, it will most probably shift and move from time to time.

For example, one particular location might be a black desert during your first visit, and then turn into a thriving oasis in your next,"

Emma said as she turned to Austin.

"That's true. I've heard of that before."

Austin nodded in agreement. He, himself, had some knowledge about the Barren Mountain because he dug around for some information before they went there.

"It's time to go,"

Austin said as he took the lead in flying over the dune desert region.

After a while, they found themselves in the middle of an endless black dune.

As Austin watched the black sandy desert surrounding them, he could not help but feel amazed.

They just found it completely unbelievable that such a topograp

that immediately smashed the shells around them and leaped up in full speed to attack Austin.

Austin hurriedly activated his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and started moving like a whirlwind. From several hundred yards away, he quickly ducked and dodged the attack from the demonic beasts.

The demonic beasts had attacked Austin in vain.

"What terrifying speed! I almost got hit by their attack,"

Austin sighed with a mixture of fear and relief.

After getting a closer look, Austin recognized the demonic beasts as tawny scorpions.

Each scorpion had a body that was almost the size of a basketball court with a tail that was about 5 yards long.

On the tip of their tails were one raven crescent hook that kept swinging in the sky and reeked of blood. It was immediately obvious that the black hook was immensely poisonous.

However, what confused Austin the most were the scorpions' heads which were all made of human skulls.

Suddenly, two green lights appeared and glimmered from the eye sockets of the skulls.

Skull Scorpion!

Austin was immediately startled. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that he would stumble upon the legendary Skull Scorpion in that place.

Upon quickly getting over his shock, Austin remembered another hearsay about the Skull Scorpion.

According to legends, the Skull Scorpion was actually the miser or the treasure guardian of the desert!

Thus, it was highly possible that treasures could be found wherever the Skull Scorpions were.

And since there were a dozen Skull Scorpions in that area, then that would mean that there were some treasures hidden there.

After coming to that realization, Austin's mind immediately started planning and calculating.

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