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   Chapter 1050 Cold Ashes Herb

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All the demons came close to the demon king's skeleton and surrounded him after Austin left.

They were all very thrilled that they were reunited with one of their great kings.

"Your majesty! Your majesty!" a demon lord cried out in excitement.

All of the demons were waiting for the demon king to reply.

However, the skeleton stayed still. It seemed that the demon king had disappeared again.

"What happened? Hasn't His Majesty come back to life? The skeleton had demonic spiritual soul just then, didn't it?" a demon lord asked, confused.

"Is His Majesty okay? What if he was injured in the fight with that devious human?" another demon said worriedly.

They felt bitterly disappointed at the prospect of losing the demon king again.

"How is that possible? His Majesty is so powerful! Such a weak human would never be able to hurt him!" another demon chimed in.

He couldn't accept the fact that one of their great demon kings might have been defeated by a human being.

"Clack, clack, clack!"

Just then, the skeleton began to move. The thick, dark demonic energy circulated it eerily.

Even though Austin failed to destroy the skeleton of the demon king during their fight, quite a few bones had cracked and some of them even had been smashed.

A few moments later, the skeleton finally stopped moving.

"Hum! I can't believe that damn human dared to smash my bones! I'll kill him!"

The demon king's voice was so powerful that everyone present instantly felt the horrific and depressing aura that arose from him.

The whole skeleton had completely turned black and was shining with a dark brilliance.

"What are you all waiting for? Give me your blood!" the demon king shouted.

He had waited for this moment for so long.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Every demon began to approach the skeleton. They slashed their wrists and dripped their purple blood onto the demon king's bones.

It was a particular ceremony of the demon race for bringing someone back to life.

As the skeleton absorbed more and more purple blood, its body began to grow back gradually.

Its fresh, energy meridian, veins, skin and even its hair began to grow back slowly but surely.

It was only an hour later that the demon king was finally revived, standing five meters tall.

All the demons put down their hands, stepped back and looked at their demon king with respect.

Stretching his body, the demon king beam

eard its description, but had never seen it before.

"Yes, it's possible that we will find some here. I've seen the information listed about it in my family's heirloom books. One of our ancestors found some here before," Emma replied.

She didn't want to give up so easily.

"That's why we came here. We can only hope to find some," she continued after a few seconds.

She too was uncertain whether they could find some here or not.

Austin frowned. He realized that neither Emma nor Debby had seen the cold ashes herb before. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

"Gnome, we're counting on you!" Austin said seriously, his brow knitted.

The gnome was their last hope.

"I'll try my best. Let's cross our fingers," the gnome said with a sigh.

He shook his head slightly, a small frown on his face.

Emma and Debby were more worried after hearing the gnome's remark. The gnome was most likely to lead them to the herbs, but even he wasn't sure if they could find some.

With the gnome's powers, they had found some rare herbs in their search.

They even found a superior vital energy crystal mine!

About fifty million superior vital energy crystals were waiting for them in there.

After they had collected everything, Austin gave half of them to Emma and Debby.

Austin knew that they needed it much more than he ever would.

He didn't think the superior vital energy crystals were that important, but Emma and Debby did.

For them, twenty-five million superior vital energy crystals were a huge fortune. They had never seen so many superior vital energy crystals before!

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