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   Chapter 1048 Battle With The Demon Race

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The moment Austin drew out his Slaughtering Sword, an intense aura of killing spread out, permeating the entire hall.

Instantly, all the demons, standing by that black water pool, turned to look at the spot where Austin hid.

They had been so frantic and excited earlier so they didn't spot Austin.

However, now that the demons sensed the aura of killing the moment Austin drew his Slaughtering Sword, they noticed his existence.

Soon a six-meter tall demon, with two horns on his head, took the lead. He was followed by a dozen other demons, and they charged towards Austin.

Was he a demon lord?

Austin checked out the demon who was leading the attack with his spiritual sense and was a little shocked.

The demon with two bent horns on its head was actually a demon lord, Austin knew that a demon lord was tantamount to a human cultivator of the Tribulation Realm.

He also knew that the demon race was far stronger than the human cultivators of the same realm.

If it had been a human cultivator of the Tribulation Realm, Austin might have had a chance against him, with his current strength and skill.

However this was a demon lord, and Austin couldn't be quite sure about whether he could kill the demon.

He was approaching quickly. In a flash, that demon lord was only three hundred meters away from Austin.

He exuded an evil aura which was like a dark cloud sweeping towards Austin.

The evil aura was very intense, and filled with brutality, death and darkness.

Austin felt the aura and instantly understood that the evil aura could invade one's Soul Sea and blind one's consciousness.

He felt that was probably a strong combat technique of the demon race.

Austin raised and brandished his Slaughtering Sword in the air. A giant crimson sword aura formed and darted towards the demons.


All the evil aura that was around was swept away in one instant.

Within seconds, the sword aura reached the demon lord.

The demon lord was shocked to see that happen. He had never expected a human cultivator to master a sword aura which was so powerfu

portal space.

"Gnome, go into the Illusion Bead quickly."

Austin then thrust his Slaughtering Sword towards the body which was at the bottom of the pool. It was growing flesh and blood faster than expected.


A giant crimson sword aura hit the skeleton which was turning into a body of flesh and blood.

Hit by Austin's full power, the body started shaking violently. Every inch of its bone creaked under such strong force.

Part of the blood and flesh that had just grown exploded away!

"Kill the human!"

The demons kneeling beside the pool were set into a frantic state on hearing the words.

Austin waved his Slaughtering Sword and launched attacks against the skeletal body continuously.

Waves of sword aura hit the bottom of the pool. Mud and dirt were all over the place and many huge fissures became visible at the bottom.

The energy waves shook the entire hall.

Within a couple of seconds, Austin hit that body six to seven times.

The skeleton began shaking violently.


Some bones began to crack and then broke one by one.

Suddenly there was a rustle!

Many black clouds started gathering around Austin.

Austin turned his Slaughtering Sword and slashed those black clouds.


Four to five demon generals exploded and died on the spot.

Unfortunately, the demon lords were able to escape from the attack of the sword aura.

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