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   Chapter 1047 A Demon Race's Skeleton

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8104

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When Austin got into the cave, he noticed that the ground inside was flat.

Suddenly, there was a slight bulge and gradually that bulge grew in size.

In a few moments, the flat ground had sloped up gently.

Before Austin had entered the cave, he had seen it clearly that the cave next to the valley, was underneath the mountain.

Something about the cave made him feel that it was a human work instead of a nature's.

As he walked around in the cave for a while, Austin realized that he was inside the middle of the mountain.

Austin kept walking forward carefully as he watched for any sudden movement or appearance of any creature.

He had walked for about half an hour when he was greeted with a much wider passage.

After going ahead for a further twenty meters he came across a commodious and spacious hall.

Austin was dumbstruck with amazement at the sight of the vast structure which lay open before him.

The huge hall was more ten thousand meters wide and a thousand meters high.

It was so huge that a human standing in such a hall looked as small as an ant in a room.

As Austin expected, the whole demon race seemed to be in the hall.

At the center of the hall, there was a pond which was a few hundreds of square meters.

The pond was filled with black water. Dark smoke was emerging from the pond and blowing across the hall.

Each member of the demon race, who was present there, had gathered around the pond and were groveling on their knees.

The sight of hundreds from the demon race kneeling on the ground on all fours, totally stunned Austin.

Each member of the demon race was murmuring some bizarre incantation.

The incantation sounded and echoed, as if those were the cries from hell. The cries seemed to possess darkness and evilness.

The humming of the incantation echoed in the hall and sent a chill down Austin's spine.

As the demon race kept murmuring the incantation, the black water in the pond slowly began to form ripples and then it looked as if it was boiling.

Then the roiling water started receding off, as if the plug of the pond was pulled away.

Half of the pond water disappeared in a flash.

It looked like there was something at the bottom of the pond which was absorbing the black water.

Soon, there was only a little water left at the bottom of the pond.

Suddenly, a large skeleton appeared inside the pond.

Dozens of iron ch

t from the chains, as if they were being corroded by the water.

A few moments later, everyone realized that the runes from the chains became lesser and weaker.

Austin knew that those iron chains had been destroyed and wouldn't work now to hold back the skeleton.

When the demon race saw that happening, they started cheering up.

Then they continued what they had being doing before. One by one, they kept standing up and cutting their wrists in front of the pond.

As the skeleton kept absorbing more and more purple blood, new flesh began growing around its bones.

A strange, formidable force appeared around the hall. It was faint but insidious.

The force sent a chill through Austin. His instinct told him that the force was perilous and destructive.

Austin guessed that once the skeleton came back to life, it would definitely become an invincible being.

When this thought crossed his mind, Austin frowned with fear.

He was now feeling suffocated by the pressure of the formidable force. He couldn't imagine what would happen if the skeleton fully came back to life.

Austin had no doubt that the skeleton would have the power to kill him as easily as blinking an eye.

He could never let such a thing happen. He had to stop the demon race right now from resurrecting the skeleton.

Austin clenched his teeth and made up his mind.

Slowly he moved one hand of his and took out his Slaughtering Sword from the Space Ring. It was the right time to strike. He knew that, once the skeleton took shape and form, then destruction would be inevitable. His life was also as stake now!

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