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   Chapter 1046 Enter The Pillar Array

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The demon race from the Demon Abyss World had just arrived at the Prime Martial World. And the most important thing for them was to declare war on human cultivators and conquer all of them, as was their right.

But why did they come to the Barren Mountain?

And how did they know what they wanted was in the Barren Mountain?

Austin could not fathom the answers to his questions.

The only reason Austin could think of was that there must be some extremely important treasure in the pillar array that made the demon race come specifically to the Barren Mountain.

Upon realizing this, Austin immediately decided to enter the Pillar Array to see for himself if there was anything special there.

If there truly was some precious things hidden among those pillars, there was no way he would let the demon race take them.

Besides, Austin believed that even if he might not be able to defeat the demon race, he would still be able to easily escape if necessary, given his power and all his weapons.

After a while, Austin led the Four Devil Clowns and readied them to go to the Pillar Array.

Upon hearing that Austin wanted to go someplace where the demon race gathered, the Four Devil Clowns immediately felt frightened and refused to go with Austin.

But Austin gave them no choice and chose to teleport them into the City.

Then, he activated his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and rapidly moved towards the array

When the human cultivators in the area saw that Austin was moving towards the Pillar Array, they were also stunned.

A few seconds later, Austin was already close to the Pillar Array.

Everything in the area was so hazy that it was impossible for Austin to see things clearly. So he used his spiritual sense and immediately sensed that the ground before him was covered by grey mist.

Still using his spiritual sense, Austin found that there were numerous huge pillars on the ground in the area covered by the mist.

Each of the pillars was almost one hundred meters high and had all kinds of strange symbols carved on it.

Meanwhile, a group of demons were walking into the place surrounded by the huge pillars shrouded by grey mist.

Austin wanted to see what was happening inside the place surrounded by the pillars with his spiritual sense.

But after trying and failing several times, Austin realized that the Pillar Array was blocking his use of his spiritual


Following Fanny's grandfather, Austin turned left and right and walked.

From time to time, Fanny's grandfather had to stop walking for a while and study the area carefully before he continued to move forward.

Even though Austin was feeling anxious, he also knew that the most important thing to remember when breaking an array was to be patient at all times.

About half an hour passed by.

Finally, Fanny's grandfather led Austin to pass between two huge pillars.

Suddenly, all of the grey mist that was shrouding their vision vanished.

They finally saw a clear scenery before them.

The first thing they saw was the wide valley in front of them.

"I see! The Pillar Array serves as the lock to this valley.

Thus, whoever wants to enter this valley has to go through the Pillar Array first,"

Austin said to himself as he finally became enlightened about the purpose of the Pillar Array.

Then, Austin looked around to look for the demon race in the valley, but not a single one of them was in sight.

Not wanting to waste a minute more, Austin teleported Fanny's grandfather back to the City.

Once he had sent Fanny's grandfather back, he released his spiritual sense and searched the whole valley.

After a while, Austin found a dark cave situated in the valley. It was behind a pile of rocks on a mountainside covered by cirrus clouds.

The cirrus had been ripped off and thrown aside.

Austin immediately realized that the demon race must have entered that particular cave.

Then, without hesitation, Austin walked towards the cave and entered it at once.

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