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   Chapter 1045 Slaying The Demon Race

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Austin released his Thunderbolt Movement Skill. In a whoosh, he narrowly dodged being struck by the demon's arms.

Then Austin retaliated. He wielded his Lightning Sword and released dozens of thunderous sword auras which all hit the demon right on the head!

The demon failed to dodge the sword auras because they moved fifty times the speed of sound, and he was much too close to Austin.

There was a loud thump that followed the collision.

As silence returned, the demon's large head was shattered to pieces, scattering all over.

His heavy body then fell to the ground.

The demon lied there, totally lifeless.

Austin was thrilled to know that he had discovered their weakness.

The other demons were quite irate. With the burst of evil aura, they began to attack Austin more furiously.

The demons were not all stupid, however. They seemed to have learned from the death of their comrade. They consciously protected their heads while attempting to attack Austin.

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

Austin used his fastest speed to wield the Lightning Sword. The thunderous sword auras were released with the power of tidal waves.

A dozen demons were hit by the sword auras.

However, they exhibit both strong defensive and restoring power.

Although many of them now had wounds all over their bodies and were even missing limbs now, they could still fight. The scars just ignited their innate ferocity and made them

attack Austin even more frenziedly.


Gleaming coldly, a sharp claw tried to clutch at Austin's head.

He grasped the Lightning Sword in his right hand and used his left fist to collide with the claw.


The demon's claw was destroyed, splintering into a thousand pieces!

Austin possessed the strength of about four million pounds after all. When it came down to brutal force, they were clearly no match for him.


Austin punched another demon's arm.


The pieces of the former arm scattered on the ground.

The demons really did have amazing str

which reflected in their fearful eyes.

The vital energy forces Austin released were only at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm.

But Austin's power was far beyond that level. After all, the warriors just witnessed the battle between Austin and the demon race. They assumed that even a warrior at the premium stage of Astral Realm still could not defeat Austin.

''Why there are demons on the Barren Mountain?

How did you come across them?''

Austin asked thoughtfully.

''We ran into the demon race in a Pillar Array miles away from here.

We had discovered the Pillar Array made up by lofty pillars. Considering that the treasure might be hidden in the pillars, we convened a group of people and prepared to break the Array.

The demons showed up unexpectedly while we were trying to find a way.

Altogether there were dozens of them. A dozen of them left the Pillar Array to come after us.

But most of them stayed gathered around the Array.

My gut tells me that they must have some ulterior secrets hidden there.

They all screamed and worshiped the stone pillars like maniacs at the sight of the Array, ''

the man in his thirties told Austin.


Did the demon race come here for the Pillar Array?''

Austin had a flash of intuition.

Could it be that something the demons wanted was hidden in the Pillar Array?

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