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   Chapter 1044 The Demon Race's Scary Resilience

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Austin saw that the demon was sucking blood and brain of the poor warrior that he caught. He felt extremely angry and disgusted.

He killed his opponent and that had had already made him the winner.

But the demon still further degraded the slain victim. It was apparent that the demon race regarded human beings as prey, as food.

All of a sudden, Austin understood why the human and demon race had been longstanding enemies since the ancient times in the Prime Martial World.

That was because the demon race considered humans as their food.

Warriors who were running to save their own lives yelled at Austin.

"Listen to me carefully! If you want to save your own lives, run as soon as you can. The demon is the cruelest creature in the world,"

a man who was about thirty years old warned them.

Austin was touched by this man's thoughtfulness for complete strangers.

"Thank you very much!"

Austin replied with a kind smile.

"It is not too late. Let's run away as soon as we can, master."

The Four Devil Clowns had wanted to run away already.

Although they didn't know the real strength of the demon race firsthand, they felt an intense dread just by looking at them.

"Don't worry. I want to fight against the demon race to see their strength,"

Austin said composedly as he stayed still and stared at the oncoming foes.

A few days ago, Austin had met a mysterious figure under the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect. He had told Austin about the strength of the demon race in detail.

However, he hadn't fought against the demon race. This time, he wanted to see their strength by himself. It was a good opportunity to accumulate experience.

After all, a new war between human and the demon race was going to begin soon according to what the mysterious figure had said.

If it was true, Austin clearly knew that he would have to fight them inevitably.

So it was a good opportunity to fight a smaller number of them and test their real stren

the demon's power was not as strong as before, even with a new arm.

It seemed that repairing wounds consumed a lot of his energy.

At that moment, more than ten demons came upon them.

They surrounded Austin and the Four Devil Clowns quickly.

"Oh my god! We will die today!"

The Four Devil Clowns' faces turned deathly pale, trembling in a cold sweat.

"Ha-ha, you were always boasting of how remarkable you were before!

Unbelievable! Your arm was cut down by a small human!"

The other demons were laughing loudly.

These demons surrounded Austin's group, but they didn't attack them at once.

They were confident that Austin and his partners were sitting ducks. Whatever they did, escape was impossible.

They enjoyed watching their enemies struggling, so they planned to play with them at first. Then they would kill them and eat them up!

"Damn it! I will eat you up as my meal."

The demon that Austin had attacked looked menacing, furiously bursting forth black evil aura.

He raised both of his arms up to hit Austin.

Austin looked at the angry expression on his face. All of a sudden, he had a bright idea.

Maybe, it would be useful to aim for his head directly.

The head was the most important part of all creatures, because it housed the soul.

Perhaps, it could work. Could it?

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