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   Chapter 1043 The Demon Race In The Barren Mountain

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During this period, Austin had allowed the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea to absorb the power of divine vital energy crystal whenever he was free, so his spiritual sense had been constantly increasing.

With his current spiritual sense, Austin could easily take on a cultivator at the Astral Realm.

The short, fat man, rolled on the ground in pain, clutching his head.

Looking at their comrade, the other three of the Four Devil Clowns were all shocked.

"What's the matter with you?"

they all asked him, perplexed.

They eventually realized that the short, fat man's spiritual soul was being attacked.

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that Austin, a person who only reached the preliminary stage of Astral Realm would be so powerful.

"Stop it!"

shouted a tall, strong man. Then he punched Austin with his powerful vital energy force, which transformed into a bright flash of light hanging over Austin.

It was a kind of fist skill.

Austin didn't want to waste his time fighting the Four Devil Clowns, so he used his mind to summon the thunder unicorn.


With the roar of a fearsome beast, the thunder unicorn in Austin's elixir field suddenly appeared, surrounded with blazing lightning.

"Austin! You're Austin!"

the tall, strong man shouted in a panic and immediately stopped his attack.

Right now, Austin had the appearance of an ordinary middle-aged man.

But when the thunder unicorn appeared, the Four Devil Clowns realized his true identity.

They had seen with own eyes that Austin was very powerful in the house of the ancient master.

Although four of them reached the premium stage of Astral Realm, they knew that they stood no chance against Austin.

"Austin, please don't hurt my brother. If you keep doing this, you'll kill him,"

the tall, strong man pleaded. He was the eldest of the Four Devil Clowns.

Upon hearing that, Austin stopped using his spiritual sense.

The short, fat man lay on the ground, his pale face gasping for breath. He didn't dare look Austin in the eye.


a dozen figures with huge evil aura were catching up with them at a very fast speed.

"Wow! So the demon race looks like this?"

Austin muttered to himself as he stared at the huge figures, This was the first time Austin encountered any of them at all!

He couldn't help but be shocked and curious.

With the help of his spiritual sense, Austin saw ten demon-race creatures, four or five meters tall, covered with layers of dense scales and glowing with cold light.

Their scales were of different colors; black, green, red and so on.

Several of the demon-race creatures had one or two horns on their heads.

What amazed Austin most was that one demon-race creature had four arms, all big and powerful and boasting long, sharp talons.

These demon-race creatures were all emitting a formidable, evil aura. Austin could sense a ferocious, brutal, and gloomy energy simply by looking at them.

At the moment, they were after dozens of unfortunate cultivators.


Suddenly, one of the cultivators who brought up the tail end of the stampede was smashed in the head by a demon-race creature.

He then broke his skull and began to suck his brains.

"Ha-ha! I can't believe this! In the Prime Martial World, these cultivators have such fresh and delicious brains, even if their strength is poor!"

the demon-race creature roared in the human language, laughing obscenely.

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