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   Chapter 1042 Seven-demon Spiritual Grass

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The gnome burst forth from the Illusion Bead, closely followed by Violet.

Emma and Debby had already seen the two appear like this before, so their sudden appearance didn't take them by surprise.

The gnome led them to go deeper inside the Barren Mountain.

"I found something good,"

the gnome said with enthusiasm.

He dashed forward, clearly excited.

Austin and the three girls quickened their pace to keep up with him.

Moments later, they stopped in front of a hole which was a hundred meters wide.

"There is spiritual grass down there," the gnome said.

He jumped down into it.

Austin and the girls activated their bodily movement skills and followed him.

They went down for over a hundred meters. After quite some time, they finally made it to the bottom.

There were a dozen patches of green grass on a flat area. Each featured seven leaves with a vivid pattern of a demon.

Austin spotted these herbs immediately.

"These are seven-demon spiritual grasses," he exclaimed with unabated joy.

The seven-demon spiritual grass was a grade-eight herb which could be used as an ingredient for elixirs which could enhance cultivators' spiritual sense or heal their souls.

Since these herbs were extremely rare, they weren't typically for sale in the market.

Because of this, the eighth-grade seven-demon spiritual grass was actually much more expensive than some ninth-grade spiritual herbs.

Austin had only ever heard about it.

But now over ten seven-demon spiritual grass were in front him, and he was elated.

As he was about to pick up these herbs, he stopped and furrowed his eyebrows.

Many black shadows showed up and came at him and his companions.

'Demonic dogs again!

There are over sixty of them.

Looks like they're everywhere!' Austin thought.

With a wave of his left hand, he collected all the seven-demon spiritual grasses and stored them into his Space Ring.

He u


Can't you tell that we found seven-demon spiritual grasses?"

Austin said with a subtle smile.

"Boy, don't you understand we're mugging you?

We waited for you here just to rob you, you idiot.

Hand over all the seven-demon spiritual grasses you got,"

a gaunt man said rudely.

"You four losers, how dare you rob me?"

Austin replied in disdain.

"Hey brat, do you know who you're talking to?

If I tell you who we are, you'll piss your pants!"

the four men shouted angrily.

"I know you. You're the so-called Four Devil Clowns. You're nobodies to me,"

Austin replied, flashing them a dismissive smile.

"What did you just say?

You've heard about us?"

They did not recognize Austin whom they had met in that ancient master's residence.

The four men were stunned at his words.

"You're just at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm, you cocky bastard! How dare you insult us, you fool!

If I don't teach you a lesson, you would never know how to be humble,"

the stout, short man thundered.

An overwhelming vital energy force gushed out from his body, causing his clothes to shake and billow.

Austin concentrated his mind, and the next second, the spiritual demon and twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears broke into the man's Soul Sea.

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