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   Chapter 1041 The Demonic Dog

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The Barren Mountain, located in the Triangle Zone, was well-known for being one of the most dangerous places in the whole South Continent.

Most of the cultivators who came here knew they had a high risk of losing their lives.

However, as stories still circulated about cultivators who entered and left with remarkable encounters, there were still many who took great risks to enter it in hopes that they might find something unusual and valuable.

In the sky above the Triangle Zone, a beam of light flew at an extreme speed, appearing one moment and vanishing the next.

It was the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

After about a whole day, it stopped.

Austin stepped out of the Chariot.

He sent out his spiritual sense and discovered that there was deathly stillness everywhere.

The sky looked dark and gloomy. On the ground, rocks and grit were strewn all over, but there was no sign of life. Not a single animal or plant was there at all.

"I will soon be in the Barren Mountain if I continues forward,"

Austin murmured. Before he set out, he had memorized the location of the Barren Mountain precisely.

He was able to keep the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot flying without delay, and it merely took one day to cover the distance to the Barren Mountain.

If he had not ridden his Chariot, Austin guessed that he would have to fly at least for six or seven days before reaching his destination.

Although the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot need to consume a great number of divine vital energy crystals, Austin still felt it was worth it.

With his spiritual sense force, Austin briefly inspected the surroundings. Then he waved his hand to store away the Chariot.

Dispatching his Thunderbolt Movement Skill, Austin flew forward in the direction of the huge and desolate black mountain.

This mountain rose in deadly still space. It was totally black and lifeless.

Finally, the Barren Mountain!

As he approached it, Austin sent off his spiritual sense again. He found that in the hills and valleys, there were some human cultivators' figures.

Apparently they had come here to find some remarkable encounter.

After a short while, Austin landed on the mountainside.


killed in such a short time without using high-leveled skills, the two sisters admired Austin even more deeply.

"Let's go," Austin said, after a brief moment of contemplation.

The three of them continued forward.

Inside the Barren Mountain, Austin and the two girls walked forward slowly.

It was an extensive area and they did not know where to look for what they wanted. They had to search slowly.

They met some other human cultivators on their way.

Most were surprised to see Austin, who was only at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm, together with two pretty girls at the Imperial Realm. Most of them looked at the three strangely, especially some male cultivators, whose gazes were filled with desire at the sight of the two girls.

Austin was not hostile, not wanting to start an unnecessary fight.

Of course, if someone who could not have sharp sight to see Austin's real strength and come to bully them, Austin would never hold back.

"Master, have you forgotten about the gnome?

Remember that he is very sensitive to the most valuable of nature's gifts,"

Violet's voice rang out all of a sudden, sent by her spiritual sense into his Soul Sea.

Violet and the gnome were both inside the Illusion Bead.

'Oh, right! How could I forget!?'

Austin shook his head, a little annoyed that he had forgotten.

It would be much more effective to have the gnome take the lead for them, instead of searching aimlessly like this.

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