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   Chapter 1040 Set Off For The Barren Mountain (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-10-15 00:03

"Master, the scout I dispatched has just returned. I'm gonna tell him to come here at once and report to you what exactly happened in the Triangle Zone,"

Ricco said hurriedly as he caught his breath from the rush.

Austin nodded in agreement.

It didn't take long before a disciple at the premium stage of Master Realm walked inside the hall.

This disciple was the scout whose mission was to pry into useful news.

He then started to narrate in detail all the things that happened in the Triangle Zone for the past few days.

His news, however, sent Austin's mouth to curl upward as the words delighted him.

The scout began, "Master, the Century City has already been successfully captured by the Heaven Palace's troops and the demon race's fighters.

Most of the warriors stationed in the city, however, were slaughtered brutally and only a few of them escaped.

Those sects based in the South Continent have summoned a larger troop with a more intimidating title. It is called the 'Southern Alliances Army'.

Apart from that, the royal families of the three holy kingdoms as well as other renowned families of different sizes have already dispatched their own armies to join the Southern Alliances Army to fight against the Heaven Palace's troops and the demon race's bloodthirsty fighters.

The Southern Alliances Army is now at the borders of the Triangle Zone and is about to invade the Triangle Zone." With those words, he finished his report.

"I think that's good news. Since the Southern Alliances Army is about to enter the Triangle Zone, the Heaven Palace will surely concentrate the majority of its troops to resist the incoming attacks.

We all know that the Heaven Pavilion Sect is insignificant to the very existen

lion Sect, a shadow skimmed the ground.

The shadow moved so quickly that in a snap, it was already several kilometers away.

This shadow was no other than Austin, as he moved his feet so quickly and lightly on his way to the Barren Mountain.

While he was on his journey, he stopped in a remote and hidden place which was about 10 kilometers away from the headquarters

He then took the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot out and walked inside.

After that, he then used the divine vital energy crystal to fuel it.

Immediately, it responded to Austin's command.

Light passed through so quickly that it vanished almost instantly.

'It's better if we can reach our goals in the Barren Mountain and come back as quickly as possible. I know we can do this quickly. You got this, '

Austin thought to himself as he sat inside the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

In his mind, he had three goals to achieve in the Barren Mountain.

First of all, he should be able to find the materials needed to reproduce Angus' human body.

Second, he would search for the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

And last, but not the least, he would help Debby and Emma locate the elixir.

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