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   Chapter 1039 Set Off For The Barren Mountain (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5961

Updated: 2019-10-14 00:23

Emma and Debby's presence reminded Austin of the reason behind his visit to the Triangle Zone.

But to be fair, ruling the Heaven Pavilion Sect wasn't the reason why he came the Triangle Zone for. He was there mainly for two reasons.

First of all, what he needed was a secure place to hide himself from the prying eyes of all sects based on the South Continent, and the Triangle Zone was a perfect spot for him.

And secondly, Angus' rebirth needed specific materials that could only be found in the Barren Mountain which was located somewhere in the Triangle Zone.

But over the past few days, he used up almost all of his energy in cultivating himself and running the Heaven Pavilion Sect. This, however, made him feel a tiny bit stupid as he regretted his previous actions. He knew that he should not have exuded that much effort, now that he would be needing more of his energy in trekking the Barren Mountain.

This encounter with the warriors from the Heaven Pavilion Sect only gave him confusion as to what that was all about.

The leaders and masters who had ruled the Heaven Pavilion Sect stood no chance against Austin. He defeated them so as to establish his dominance and influence over the area.

Defeating the leaders was one thing, but the question still stood. If given the chance to control the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect, would he accept the job? He closed his eyes and thought deep and hard. He realized that he did not have time to rule the sect, if given the chance. His win over other masters and leaders might have been in vain after all.

Austin then bowed his head a bit and meditated before he made his final decision.

"Now here's what you are going to do. The two of you must stay here for now.

Give me a day or two to sort

aven Palace's troops, then we'll be their next target.

By then, I guess that even the Eighteen Arhats Array can't resist their attacks,"

Austin said in a worried tone.

The Heaven Palace had been developing its influence in the Triangle Zone for so many years that its power was now a force to be reckoned with. Besides, the demon race had given their support to them.

Even Austin knew deep in his heart that the array was no match and that it wouldn't help them defeat the Heaven Palace's troops if that day would come.

Austin's men were lucky this time around, though, since the Heaven Palace's troops had no time to spare to make more enemies other than those that they were currently busy defeating in the Century City.

This was also another reason for Austin to leave the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Austin realized that it would be a desperate and pathetic move to just sit and wait for the invasion.

He had better follow his gut and leave the sect before he had to waste any more of his time in dealing with such nonsense things. He knew that he would rather find it quite worthwhile to spend his time with other productive tasks ahead of him.

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