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   Chapter 1038 Mastering The Energy-controlling Skill (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5891

Updated: 2019-10-14 00:13

"Wow, looks like that he is going to make a breakthrough soon!"

Austin said to himself. Using his spiritual sense, he found out that the Sect Supremo was now sitting cross-legged in the cultivation chamber, with powerful vital energy force surrounding him, coursing and surging like tides on his skin.

Austin could tell very well that it was a sign of critical point for breakthrough.

Austin immediately activated his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and made for the cultivation chamber. Within seconds, he landed on that mountain, and came to the door of the secret room. He could have come straight in, but it would startle the Sect Supremo, or worse, make him lose control and die during the breakthrough. Holding his breath, Austin chose to wait for the breakthrough to happen outside.

The energy in the air peaked all of a sudden after about half an hour of waiting.


A deafening sound came from behind the door and shook the air, as though something had exploded inside.

After some time, the stone door of the chamber thudded open, sweeping a pile of leaves to the gate with its force.

Then amidst the dust, the Sect Supremo walked out of the room with confidence on his face.

"Congratulations! It seems that you have made a breakthrough successfully.

I can see that you have become much stronger now."

Austin went up and extended greetings before the Sect Supremo noticed him. He stared at the Sect Supremo thoughtfully, and there was not much excitement in his tone. Obviously, he was not here merely to congratulate the Sect Supremo.

"Thank you, master! Thanks to the Energy-enhancing Pill you have given to me!

I would have never been able to reach the medium stage of Tribulation Realm all my life otherwise. To be

was on their mind. They must have been worrying day and night about their father's condition, and couldn't wait to go to the Barren Mountain and find medicine for him.

He also remembered that he had promised them in the first place that he would take them to that dangerous place and help them search for the cure.

However, he just couldn't free himself from matters concerning the Heaven Pavilion Sect ever since they had come here. So their departure had been constantly delayed.

"Why didn't you tell me about it? Going there alone is not safe for two girls alone like you. You should at least let me go with you and protect you two,"

Austin asked earnestly.

"You are too busy, sir," Emma replied, looking down at her feet. "You see, the Heaven Pavilion Sect really couldn't do without you. So we thought that you wouldn't have the time to go with us.

That was why we wanted to leave without telling anyone. We don't want to trouble you anymore, really,"

Emma mumbled, her voice trailing off. She and Debby looked to be on the verge of tears.

Austin's conscience squirmed knowing the truth. He realized that he might have failed these two girls.

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