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   Chapter 1037 Mastering The Energy-controlling Skill (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-10-14 00:03

On top of the mountain, Austin stood steadily and quietly. He was adjusting his breath and preparing himself for the things he was going to do.

Slowly, he directed his spiritual sense down into the earth below, letting the earth carry its force far away and investigating his surroundings. He was able to detect even the lowest sound and the slightest movement within the entire area within seconds.

Just as this happened, he could feel something moving right beneath him. Could this be what they called the Earth Energy? That was truly fabulous!

In fact, this wasn't the first time that he had felt something like this. It was just that now, he could sense it more clearly and was sure that a certain kind of energy existed around him. He had been cultivating the Earth-shaping Formula these days, and kept searching for any possible energy flowing under his feet. Finally, he managed to make it.

As he proceeded, he started to realize that there was actually a kind of very special energy above the surface of the ground, and more of it beneath the soil.

To be more specific, he could vaguely detect that the energy took the form of a yellowish-brown fog, which seeped into every part of the soil in the area.

Aside from this, he could observe that rather than flowing freely, the fog in different areas moved in certain directions as if it were being led by an invisible hand.

According to the Earth-shaping Formula, something like this was very likely to be the Earth Energy.

Furthermore, the directions in which the fog flowed followed the moving currents of the force within a specific area.

It was like the fog visually represented the invisible force of the earth.

Days of hard work had finally enabled Austin to see it for what it really was. For that, Austin was l

oking at the broken twigs and dry leaves at his feet.

Now it was apparent that he had in fact been attempting to activate a certain kind of skill called Energy-controlling Skill. It was a part of the Earth-shaping Formula and could enable the user to control the Earth Energy easily.

Of course, the cultivator had to gather enough Earth Energy from the earth by using the skill in order to turn it into a powerful weapon to attack.

Austin had successfully activated it at the first try, but the attack he launched was still relatively weak. He needed much more practice before he could bring out the skill's full potential. However, that was already a very good strike to begin with, and Austin was really satisfied and confident.

Satisfied, Austin ceased what he was doing for now.

It was time to have a rest and take a walk around the mountain.

It should have been a relaxing stroll, but as Austin was enjoying the scenery, something caught his attention.

He turned to look at another mountain nearby, where something important was taking place.

He recognized this mountain. It was where the Sect Supremo of the Heaven Pavilion Sect would usually retreat into cultivation.

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