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   Chapter 1036 Build Prestige

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"You want to join the Heaven Pavilion Sect. I approve of this.

However, once you're in, everything will be decided by the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

You must follow the rules and abide by these decisions.

If you can't do this, just leave now and let's not waste any more time,"

Austin said lightly.

After hearing these terms, everyone looked at each other nervously.

It seemed that everyone displayed some hesitation.

In their minds, Austin was indeed only at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm, but now he was also the leader of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

This meant that they would follow the commands of someone at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm.

It was particularly difficult for those with higher cultivation bases to fully accept.

"Ricco, where has this person come from?

Are you really willing to let someone at his level take charge of the Heaven Pavilion Sect?

Ricco, we came to join your Heaven Pavilion Sect because we wanted to form an alliance with you.

Either you or the Sect Supremo you appointed is qualified enough to lead the Sect.

To be honest, we aren't as confident in this guy. His level is pretty low,"

a strong, stocky man with a curly beard stepped forward and said assertively to Ricco.

He was the leader of the Tiger Gang and was at the premium stage of Astral Realm.

He looked at Austin disdainfully.

"If you feel that way, you can leave now.

The Heaven Pavilion Sect only accepts allegiance. Not alliance,"

Austin said coldly.

The reason why the Heaven Pavilion Sect had been able to withstand the attack of Heaven Palace twice was that it relied entirely on the Eighteen Arhats Array instead of their population.

The leader of the Tiger Gang was only at the premium stage of Astral Realm, and the strength of his Gang was estimated to be on par with the Wolf Gang.

For the Heaven Pavilion Sect, the Tiger Gang's membership wasn't particularly impactful.

Austin naturally had no interest in allying with them.

"Hey, how dare you talk to your superiors with this attitude!"

the leader of the Tiger Gang hissed at Austin.

In the Prime Martial World, strength was attached

and help get them settled.

Austin himself directly flew away from the mountain gate.

Almost every day, some small gangs came to join the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

Because in the entire Triangle Zone, it was widely known that behind the Heaven Palace was the demon race.

In the Prime Martial World, human beings and demons were natural enemies who could never co-exist. This long-standing concept had gone deep into the heart of every human warrior.

Hardly any forces in the Triangle Zone wanted to join Heaven Palace.

With the reputation of the Heaven Pavilion Sect spreading far and wide, more and more forces rushed to join them, seeking asylum.

For these forces and organizations that came to join, Austin welcomed those who were willing to respect and obey his authority.

Otherwise, he turned them away at once.

Soon, the number of people gathering in the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect had reached tens of thousands!

The area was often bursting with the chaotic noise of people and activities.

Austin had to relocate everyone in the surrounding area of the headquarters where houses had been built for them to occupy.

Finally after several weeks, silence and peace returned to the headquarters.

During this period, Austin spent most of his time every day practicing the Earth-shaping Formula intently.

Gradually, Austin sensed that he seemed to have gained some insights to the strength of the earth!

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