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   Chapter 1035 Reappearance Of The Demon Race

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The news about the two batches of people sent by Heaven Palace failing to take the headquarters of Heaven Pavilion Sect and getting themselves killed in the process reached the stronghold of the Heaven Palace.

At the headquarters of the Heaven Palace, a man in a purple robe sat in the middle of the lobby.

He was the leader of the Heaven Palace.

"What a surprise!

The small Heaven Pavilion Sect has a talented cultivator among them who knows how to set up such a powerful array, and has used it to kill so many of our men," he said leisurely.

He tapped at the armrest of his wooden armchair.

"How about we send more people to destroy the Heaven Pavilion Sect?"

a haggard elder suggested while cupping his hands.

"Tell me more. Is this Heaven Pavilion Sect a powerful force?"

the leader inquired.

"The best cultivator in their sect is the Sect Supremo who has reached the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm.

Over thirty of them are at the Astral Realm,"

the elder replied.

"Ha-ha. They couldn't possibly be a threat to us.

I guess that powerful array is the only thing they can depend on to keep them alive.

Just ignore it for the time being,"

the leader finally said after a short period of thinking.

"What's your plan?


the elder asked.

"Where are the people from the top sects of the South Continent?"

the leader asked in response.

"They are in the Century City, searching for our stronghold. I suppose they intended to attack us,"

the elder answered, frowning.

"I see. Round up our main force to besiege the Century City and wipe out all those people from the sect who are inside.

The demon race will send their men along on this mission too.

After ten days, the main force of the demon race will set foot in Prime Martial World. Once that happens, we'll start the war against all the sects in the Prime Martial World,"

the leader declared with a stern look in his eyes.

"Understood, sir,"

the elder responded, grinning with excitement.

The next day, another explosive news spread like wildfire in the Triangle Zone.

The demon race had shown up!

The main force of the Heaven Palace and a large batch of demons had surrounded the Century City and attacked the people from all the sects inside the city.

All the sects had suffered great losses among their men. However, they still continued to persevere in spite of the unfortunate blow.

"Seriously? The demons turned up?"

"Oh, jeez! Why had demons appeared in the Prime Martial World?"



There was a loud noise and the man flew backwards several hundred feet away from where he had been.

He groaned in pain as he struggled to get up, his whole body heating up in embarrassment.

"If you dare to be rude to my master again, I will show you no mercy,"

the Sect Supremo warned coldly.

'He's incredibly strong!'

The rest of the men thought so as they all nervously held their breaths.

No one dared to say anything disrespectful to Austin again.

The whole place quieted down.

Everyone could tell that the Sect Supremo was at the Tribulation Realm.

Hence, no one dared to ignore his warning and question Austin's credibility as the sect leader.

'Even a Tribulation Realm master calls him master, it must really mean that he is the boss here, ' they thought.

"So… All of you wanted to work with us?"

Austin calmly asked with his hands behind his back, glancing at the people.

"Yes. We're from small sects and gangs in the Triangle Zone. The Heaven Palace

threatened to wipe us out if we don't submit to them.

However, as you've probably heard by now, the leader of the Heaven Palace conspired with the demon race. There's definitely no way we'd work for them. We'll never be servants of the demon race.

We heard that you were able kill two batches of people from the Heaven Palace. So we came here to join hands with you and stand against the Heaven Palace,"

a steady elder replied, cupping his hands as he took a step forward towards Austin, acting in a very respectful manner.

'This young man seems only at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm. If he can be the leader of Heaven Pavilion Sect, he must have some fortes, ' he mused.

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