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   Chapter 1033 The Heaven Palace Comes Again

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Austin began practicing the level-one arrays that Fanny's grandpa had planted in his Soul Sea.

Within the next day, he had already mastered all the five of them.

He then went back to practicing the Earth-shaping Formula again.

Standing on the hillside, Austin activated his spiritual sense and closed his eyes. Following the procedure of the Earth-shaping Formula, he began his meditation and tried to feel the natural energy from rivers, mountains, and beneath the earth.

A few minutes later, he started to feel himself gradually immersing into the natural energy around him, as if Mother Nature was pulling him into her warm embrace.

He could even feel the pulse of the earth like it had a beating heart, the steady thumps surprising him.

He slowed down his breath, trying to keep a same steady beat as the earth.

It was a marvelous feeling.

A smile crept over the corner of his lips. Finally, he made an obvious progress in practicing the Earth-shaping Formula.

Although the nature energy he could feel from the earth was faint and weak, Austin still felt wild with joy. He was completely certain that as long as he persisted on practicing, he would be able to master the Earth-shaping Formula in no time.

"Master! A great number of strong cultivators are currently rushing towards the Heaven Pavilion Sect!"

Austin was still immersed in the ecstasy and the fantastic high he felt while practicing the Earth-shaping Formula, when he suddenly got a message from the Sect Supremo through the spiritual sense.

"Oh? Is it the Heaven Palace again?"

Austin stopped his meditation and opened his eyes.

He then jumped and flew into the air, heading towards the direction where the uninvited guests were coming from. His spiritual sense told him that his enemies were rushing to the gate outside the mountains.

"Tell our members to hide themselves well. Call for some strong cultivators and come with me. It won't be a big deal at all. We don't need many people,"

Austin responded to the Sect Supremo through the spiritual sense.

A few moments later, he and forty other Astral Realm cultivators positioned themselves in front of the gate.

When they looked up, they saw more than a thousand cultivators flying in the sky.

There were ten Tribulation Realm cultivators in the front line.

Austin activated his spiritual sense

and found out that there were two at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm among those ten. Three of them were at the medium stage of Tribulation Realm, and the other five were at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm.

Behind the ten Tribulation Realm cultivators, there were around one hundred and fifty Astral Realm cultivators and around seven hundred Master Realm cultivat

turned it into pieces of spiritual sense energy.

The spiritual tree's roots extended out and absorbed them.

Austin was surprised by what he witnessed. He had never expected that the spiritual tree had such a skill.

Now, no more spiritual sense martial arts skills would be able to attack him.


The Tribulation Realm cultivator was so dumbstruck with amazement that he could not help but take a step back.

The blade attack from his spiritual sense was not able to harm Austin and got absorbed instead. As a result, Austin now had a part of his spiritual sense energy.

"I don't want to hear any more nonsense now.

Remember! Death is the only result in attempting to get into the headquarters Heaven Pavilion Sect without permission,"

Austin coldly stated.

He waved at his servants, gesturing for them to come back in with him.

"That arrogant brat!"

The Heaven Palace's members were all filled with indignation.

"Sir, what are you waiting for? Let's go in there and kill them all!"

one of them furiously cried out once Austin and his servants left. The others all roared in agreement.

"Calm down, everyone! I suspect that there are arrays around here. We'd better be careful not to trigger any of them.

Just wait for Master Bert's orders and be careful about your every step.

With the help of Master Bert, we will one hundred percent win against the Heaven Pavilion Sect. They are so screwed this time!"

the Tribulation Realm cultivator in the light yellow robe advised his teammates.

When the Heaven Palace noticed that none of their men were able to come back from the Heaven Pavilion Sect, he had immediately suspected that it might be because of some powerful arrays deployed around the headquarters. So he brought an array expert with them, Master Bert, for that purpose.

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