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   Chapter 1032 The Array Genius

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The demons that emerged from the dark cave flew about and reached just above the square.

After a moment, all of them descended at the stand.

"Your honors, Seymour the Demon Lord with five hundred demons reports to you."

A demon with horns on his head, which curved at the tips, stepped out. He got down on his knees and prostrated at the feet of the two demon kings standing next to the man in purple. It was a mark of reverence and worship.

"Well. Thank you for your hard work. You can stand up now."

One of the demon king nodded as he ordered.

"Your honors, the Black Demon Imperator commanded me to give you a message.

A man named Austin had reportedly killed several demon's messengers of the Black Demon Imperator. So he asked both of you to take into account his actions, find his whereabouts and kill him!"

Seymour raised his hand and waved it in thin air. Just then a shadow rose up, which was the portrayal of Austin's appearance.

"The Black Demon Imperator said that Austin was good at transforming his appearance, but he has figured out Austin's original look and features of the aura of his spiritual soul so that you can kill him with ease,"

Seymour added.

"We will carry out the command of the Black Demon Imperator. We'll search for Austin and take his life!"

the other demon king who was standing beside the man in purple assured Seymour.


the man in purple suddenly muttered to himself as if it reminded him of something. The name seemed to have shaken him a bit.

"Is this Austin, the same one who has obtained the four archaic weapons?" Reflecting on it for some time, the man in purple seemed to recollect about Austin.

He had already heard about Austin. And there was a smirk on his face as he thought more and more about Austin.

On the other hand, at the headquarters of the Heaven Pavilion Sect, everything was going on as usual. It was just another normal day.

Standing on the slope of a green hill, Austin was busy in his cultivation. His eyes were closed as he was totally lost in his act.

Slowly, his spiritual sense spread out along the earth. He let it move gradually so that it could cover the vast land around him.

With his current spiritual sense, he could easily perceive anything within the range of more than ten thousand meters.

Every inch of that part of the land, including the terrain, the altitude of the mountains, the alignment of all the natural features, even the path and movements of the river was all very clear in his mind.

Even on ground level, the undulation of a small hill, the habitations of animals and the plant distribution, all were under the perception of Austin's spiritual sense.

Next, his spiritual sense went underground to probe the alignment of soil, rocks and subterranean rivers.

Austin stood still for more than half a day. He was immersed in the cultivation with all his heart and soul.

At present, he was busy in practicing the first lev

out an array flag and passed it to Austin. He left him alone to practice the arrangement of the Square Array.

"You can practice it yourself. I'm going to continue my study on the Eighteen Arhats Array. It's pretty mysterious so I still need to look further into it."

When mentioning the Eighteen Arhats Array, Fanny's grandpa could hardly hold back his excitement.

In the last few days, he kept running up and down the eighteen green hills. He had been fascinated by the mystery of the Eighteen Arhats Array.

After assigning the task of the Square Array to Austin, Fanny's grandpa was ready to leave with his bodily movement skill.

However, something happened which stopped him in his tracks. He felt winds of energy fluctuation from behind, which meant that an energy change took place in a certain space.

Fanny's grandpa was puzzled.

Startled by it, he stopped and turned back to look at Austin.

"What! How did this happen?

Austin, you have already arranged it!"

Fanny's grandpa stared at Austin in disbelief.

"Yes, master. It appears to be a Square Array, doesn't it?"

Austin replied with a smile. After he received the array flag from Fanny's grandpa, he cast four array flags optionally. It was beyond his expectation, and a Square Array was successfully formed.

"This... This.... This is unbelievable! Austin!

You're truly an array genius!"

Fanny's grandpa finally cried out. He gazed at Austin for a long time as if he was a monster. His face was flushed with excitement.

"To be frank, it isn't as difficult as I have imagined!"

Seeing Fanny's grandpa's exaggerated expression, Austin was a little confused. Was he really an array genius?

"In this case, I will teach you a few more arrays at the first level. You can practice them,"

Fanny's grandpa said as he transfused another five arrays at the first level into Austin's Soul Sea, so that he could practice arranging them one by one.

Having done that, he left at last.

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