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   Chapter 1031 The Earth Formula

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In the secret chamber, Austin sat with his legs crossed, completely immersed in his Soul Sea.

In the center of his Soul Sea, above the lake of his spiritual sense, an ancient secret book bound by a thread was emitting ancient aura.

It was a gift that Austin got from the mysterious figure from the underground. The name of the book was the Earth Formula

and he was completely focused on reading it, hidden in his Soul Sea.

After about an hour or so, Austin finished scanning the book from beginning to end. He now had a rough idea about the main content of the book

and he was so shocked at what he had discovered that he found it too hard to calm himself down. His emotions were surging, while his heart was beating fast.

Austin's original soul was from the Earth, which then travelled through the tunnel of time and fused with his current soul in the Prime Martial World.

Thus, through his original soul, he still had a clear memory about his previous life on the Earth.

After a quick comparison, he found that the theory in the Earth Formula was quite similar to the geomancy theory in Cathay Nation back on the Earth. It also had the likes of finding mountains that were filled with hidden treasures, selecting sites of ancient graves, and so on.

In his past life on the Earth, he was born in the countryside. He remembered that his second great uncle was the most famous geomancy expert around his hometown.

He used to visit Austin's house quite often and drink with Austin's father. When he got drunk and fell in a good mood, he would blabber nonstop about the basic principles and theories on geomancy.

Influenced by what he constantly saw and heard since he was young, Austin could still remember some geomancy terms and even some of the most basic geomancy knowledge.

After carefully reading the Earth Formula, He discovered that many of the theories and terms in the ancient book were parallel to the geomancy theory of the Cathay Nation on the Earth.

He was quite amused by this discovery.

"I can't believe that there's a similar theory in the Prime Martial World!

So apparently, within any universe, there will always be a common ground in the basics and the laws, making them suitable for most worlds,"

he murmured in his amazement. He felt that he had gained some important new insights about martial arts.



It turned out that the humanoid creatures belonged to the demon race.

These creatures, typically three to four meters tall, were clad in multiple layers of black scaly armour. They also had strong powerful arms and extremely sharp nails.

Some of them had one or two horns on their head, and some even had four arms or four feet.

In other words, they all looked ferocious and the murderous aura that was emitting from them could not be more terrifying.

Outside the square, on a tall platform were three shadows with horrific aura.

One of them was a human being, a middle-aged man in a purple robe. He carried himself with authority, making him look like a mighty leader.

The other two shadows were more or less thirty feet tall, the length of their legs as tall as the combined height of two adult humans, arms wider than a big thigh, sharp ears half a feet long, upper body muscles twisted in knots, and the entirety of their skin a metallic blue-grey hue. They were demon kings from the demon race.

"Your honors, this is the eighth batch of demons that have been teleported to the Prime Martial World.

In the near future, once the warriors of the demon race army reach a certain number, we will be able to formally declare wars against the human warriors living on the South Continent,"

the middle-aged man in the purple robe said with a nefarious smirk.

"Ha-ha-ha, that's right! By then, the Prime Martial World will become the demon race's paradise!"

the two demon kings loudly responded as they burst into roars of wicked laughter.

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